Loving All Movement PossibilitiesPossibilities are endless when it comes to thinking of them in the right way. With today’s workout I would hope that you would be loving all movement possibilities and coming from a place of truth versus a place disbelief.

When we were kids we didn’t have to worry about the possibility of movement. We just wanted to go out and play. I love to go outside and play with my children, it keeps me moving, provides quality time with my kids and shows them that playing can be helpful to their health.

Love is louder than anything else in our life. When you start loving from a place of truth it just happens so freely. This is a place that we would always want to be in. When you start loving all movement possibilities it literally makes your body feel good, which in turn would make your mind feel good. Who doesn’t like feeling good? LOL

Movement is one of those things that I think we over complicate. When we start to think that we don’t have time or make excuses of I can’t do this and I can’t do that…

That is when we start to go from a place of love to a place of disbelief and desperation.

So my offer for you today is to start thinking about what it is that you love to do and think of all of the possibilities that love can create for you. Remember that at one time in your life all you wanted to do was play.

Who says that we can’t play as adults?

Who says that we can’t have fun as adults?

Who says that exercise has to be formal?

That’s where I’m coming from with each and every workout that I create. It’s a little bit formal, but it’s more or less sporadic. Keeping your body guessing is one of the most efficient ways that you have available to you to burn fat.

The best part about the sporadic movements of each workout is that you never get bored and it doesn’t take that long.

Today with this work out I hope that you start loving all movement possibilities and really start to believe in yourself WITH all of those possibilities…

Because at the end of the day this entire process starts in your body, in your mind, and in your soul.

Let’s get those movements going…

Let’s get those possibilities moving…

And Let’s fall In Love with yourself all over again with WOD #79…

WOD #79 Loving All Movement Possibilities

3-5 Rounds

  • Push-Ups- 10 reps
  • Wood Chops- 10 reps each side
  • Side Plank Pulse- 10 reps on each side
  • Dips- 10 reps

Have fun with this one!!

I KNOW I did!! LOL 😉

Keep up the good work!!

The Video below shows you exactly how to do the WOD, WITH modifications… 🙂

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