Lasting Improvements Moving ForwardTest day today! Today’s WOD is all about lasting improvements moving forward. How do you know you are doing ANY better if we don’t test? Growing up I always hated tests, but this is a WAY different kind of test. There is no passing for failing this test. It’s all about competing with the one person that you CAN control in life… YOU 😉

How To Get Lasting Improvements Moving Forward

I know we haven’t done a test in a while.

Testing is important so that we can measure how far you have come. I test once month, but sometimes I like to test once a week… LOL

I don’t expect everyone to go to the extremes that I go to, but what I do expect is that you are moving forward. How do you know you are getting any better if you don’t test yourself every now and again right?

Change can be scary, but it’s all about consistency and confidence. Just remember…

Consistency Creates Confidence

So let’s create that confidence already…

Here is today’s WOD…

WOD #64 Lasting Improvements Moving Forward

4 Rounds for time

  • 30 Push-ups
  • 40 Sit-ups
  • 50 Squats


No video needed for this one!!

You KNOW what to do!!

Just DO it!!

PLEASE let me know your time!!​

You got This!!

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