keeping strong legs for lifeHave you ever thought about what your life will look like in your “golden years”? And if you’re already there, how strong are your legs? Keeping strong legs for life is something that a person constantly can be practicing.

Today’s WOD you will be shown how to get strong legs at home. Because all I show people in the first year is body weight movement, you can do these exercises anywhere. Now let’s move to the benefits of strong legs at this present moment and later in life…

  1. More Muscle: You can find studies showing that Squats & Deadlifts increase the release of Growth Hormone & Testosterone more than any other exercise. These are natural muscle building hormones.
  2. Bigger Upper-body: Squats & Body weight Deadlifts work your whole body, not just your legs. If you can’t train your upper-body because of an injury, you can prevent muscle loss in your upper-body by doing Squats & Deadlifts.
  3. More Strength: Stronger legs and core muscles will increase your strength of your upper-body and thus help upper-body muscle development.
  4. Symmetry: I know I’m preaching all the time you shouldn’t care about what other people think, but a big upper-body with toothpick legs looks ridiculous. It’s all the “Flamingo Syndrome”. Nobody look or FEELS good with that.
  5. Mental Strength: Here’s the real reason why people don’t train their legs: it’s physically & mentally hard. That’s why doing Squats and Deadlifts will build your mental endurance & character like no other exercise.


Because people that work with with me don’t typically want to gain MORE muscle, I figured I would put these benefits in here because they truly do help your mind and body work together as ONE. While today’s WOD doesn’t have any Deadlifts it, they will return again #Kobernation, don’t you worry 😉

Therefore being aware of your bodies abilities can help you become MORE mobile and STAY that way for life!

So let’s get to it shall we?

WOD #183 Keeping Strong Legs For Life

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

1-6 Rounds

Tabata Training Or 20-30 Reps Total For Each Exercise

  • Side Kick Squats
  • Side Crunch Squats
  • Squat Calf Raise
  • Squat Side Bends

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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