Workout Of The Day #23

Isometric Exercises To Maximize Concentration

Isometric Exercises To Maximize Concentration

With this WOD the exercises I show in the video below are great examples of isometric exercises.

There are a ton of isometric exercises for abs, but we all know that there are only so many minutes and hours in the day and we cannot spend all of them working out, nor do we WANT to… LOL

That’s why I put these together in the order. Along with ab exercises there are even MORE isometric leg exercises. I am all about efficiency here. I look for the most beneficial exercises for the amount of time it takes to DO and LEARN the movement.

Here is a quick list for isometric exercises benefits:

Takes Little Time – The isometric exercises can be completed in the shortest amount of time and with no equipment at all. It uses the weight of your body for strength training.

Improves Flexibility – Regular practice of isometric exercises improves overall flexibility of your body, in turn it minimizes the risk of injuries and strains.

Increases Strength – Isometric workouts are awesome at boosting strength and lean muscle mass because it is the only way of working out that activates almost all the motor units at the same time.

Ideal for Recovery from an Injury or Arthritis – Because Isometric exercise is static and low intensity, these workouts are ideal for a person who has suffered an injury or is affected by arthritis. Isometric exercises help in stabilizing a particular set of injured muscles and can help speed up the recovery process.

Without further ado here it is…

WOD #23 Isometric Exercises To Maximize Concentration

7 Rounds

Chair Squat Pose: Hold 30 sec.

Superman: Hold 30 sec.

Flutter Kick: Hold 30 sec.

If you are thinking 7 rounds is too much, then do as many as you can! Let me know how many you get done! We can revisit this one again!

You Got This!

Let me know what you think of this if you find any value, please comment below…

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