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This is SO important to me to share with you and everyone who even knows what I been doing in the last two years.

We all have fear of the unknown, but what we don’t have is faith of the known.

When I go through each day I am thinking to myself constantly…

What is the desired outcome of that action?

Getting Rid Of Fear And Losing The Baggage That Comes With It

The first time I made a “WOD” video my children were screaming and I didn’t have any kind of plan for what I was doing. I was simply just STARTING at 1.

So much has changed since then, but the one thing that has stayed the same is this MASSIVE calling to create 365 WODs and share them with everyone. Then people (I hope) will see that even as “busy” as we get in life you can always take the time to move your body.

Now, I was in a rut for about 3 months because everything changed at the first of the year. My regular routine of wake up, get myself ready, get the kids ready, make a quick WOD video and go was interrupted.

For the longest time I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t making any videos.

And then one day it hit me like a TON of bricks.

My Wife…

She is the ONE person who can either shatter my world or build it up so strong that NO ONE can break me with as little as TWO WORDS.

Now, I have ALLOWED this to happen and I think that is the way it is SUPPOSE to be. I love her and trust her SO much that with her words and actions she can dictate who I am as a Man. Now, some guys may call that being “whipped”. I really don’t care about that. I call it being TRUE to ourselves.

I couldn’t make a video because the only time I had was when we were all in the living room at the same time and I was embarrassed to create anything in front of her.


I don’t think I will ever know exactly why, but I can really take a good guess.

I think it’s because of the love and trust I was afraid to “to it wrong”. Because I value her opinion SO much that if she wasn’t around I was just assuming that she wasn’t watching or reading what I am doing.

I still don’t really know if she does, but now that does not matter. I confronted my fear and got rid of the baggage that came along with it. We talked about how I was feeling and she wondered why I stopped making the videos too.

That was very cool to hear. She also was willing to leave the room or the house to accommodate my insecurities (my words when I say insecurities fyi). The truth is that I didn’t need her to leave, I simply needed to talk to her about how I was feeling.

I also really dove deep into myself when it came to know what I LOVE to do…

I LOVE to make workout videos. I also LOVE to make workout videos with my children around because the information that I am recording gets placed into their conscious/subconscious through osmosis. They absorb that information and I truly believe they will be some of the fittest people in 20-30 years.

Not because I PUSHED them to workout. Because they see my passion for movement. And had I not confronted my own fear or insecurities about making a video in front of my wife they would have missed out on SO much information and quality time with their Father.

So my offer to you today is to ask yourself is what you are fearing actually true and does it actually mean you can’t do it. Whatever “it” may be.

Because as soon as you acknowledge that fear, accept it and love it. THEN you can truly let it go.

I hope all of this makes sense and in the Video below you can hear my emotion in its purest form with today’s Talk Therapy.

Getting rid of fear can be hard…

Getting rid of fear can be scary…

Getting rid of fear is what YOU want it to be.

And to my wife:

I love you very much and REALLY appreciate all of your love and support for everything that I AND we do.

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