Functional Movements Everyone WantsSince the beginning of time we have always thought that we needed to prove something to ourselves. I think that we all have thoughts where functional movements everyone wants are impossible to have.

Today’s workout is definitely one of the most simple workouts I have ever created…

But some of the most simple movements we also take for granted.

Getting up off the floor and getting back down to the floor or one of those things that I think that we need to work more on so that very movement is what we are doing today.

As we age our body mechanics go away and we just start moving in a way that does not align well with our body.

So constant practice and awareness is what I offer for you today with WOD #72.

Practice this everyday will help you in many ways get to where you want to be.

Practicing everyday will help you in many ways get to where you wanna be no matter what you’re told. Really, it’s just a matter of finding those functional movements that we all want and practicing them daily.

There are many functional exercises that we could be doing it’s just a matter of putting them into play…

AND when practicing these each and every day your body will then just have that muscle memory that we did as a child.

It simply takes a little bit of drive, a little bit of consistency and a lot a bit of belief.

Many of my clients swear that they can’t do one push-up.

Many of my clients swear that they can’t get down on the floor very well and come back up.

Many of my clients when they first start working out with me claim that they just have tried everything and they just can’t…

BUT would you really work on when working with me is from the neck up.

It’s always been from the neck up and from there PERMANENT change happens.

So when getting down to the floor being fearful is a part of the process…

If you haven’t practiced getting down to the floor and getting back up for a very long time, then you might be in fear that you can’t get back up.

Take that fear and acknowledge it…

Accepted love it…

THEN it will be easier to let it go.

Then and only then you can get down to the floor and get back up and do WOD #72.

So let’s get to it…

Let’s get it done…

Have some fun doing it because I know I did and now it’s your turn.

WOD #72 Functional Movements Everyone Wants

Today’s WOD is VERY simple…


It’s a task that I think we ALL take for granted and that we NEED to practice…

SO without further adieu…

  • Get down to the floor and get back up- 100 REPS!

I know it may seem silly, but give it a shot…

I BET you that by the time you hit 100 that you WILL feel muscles in your body that you didn’t even KNOW you had!

AND try it while holding a child, like I did!

Check out what google has for this topic… VERY interesting… Click Here To See

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