Fun Jumping Moves 4 Toned LegsJumping can be really hard, but with proper modifications and attention to detail you’ll be able to do it. You’ll be doing fun jumping moves 4 toned legs. The reason I put the number 4 in there is because that’s the number of movements you’ll be attempting today.

Did you know that ten minutes of jumping rope uses almost 100 calories? Pretty cool right?

Well, exercises / movements used in elementary school, like jumping jacks and skipping, are great for getting your heart rate up. Jumping really challenges the cardiovascular system and is a great way to get the blood flowing. That’s why today’s WOD was created, to increase your heart rate and have a little fun doing it because if kids are doing it, then we as adults can too. With modifications of course.

Some other workouts I’ve done in the past sometimes feel a little lifeless, then I know it’s time to leave the ground. I’m talking about jumping. Adding a little bounce to your workout brings tons of benefits as you fight gravity as you rise from the ground.

Tone your legs in record time. Jumping recruits all the major muscles of your lower body. We’re talking calves to glutes and everything in between. Not only does jumping strengthen your muscles, it’s great for your bones too. Try to land quietly, it makes the return to the ground a workout too. So channel your inner ballerina (AND Balleriano- that’s the male version of a ballerina) on the rebound.

Jumping is like a balancing act. The ability to leave the ground on your own will and returning with grace ultimately improves your balance and agility. Staying upright with one-legged hops works your legs and core, but this simple yet challenging movement trains your body to recover when you trip or lose your footing. Jumping can help improve your reflexes and reaction time. Basically, with the movements/jumps you’ll be doing in today’s WOD you’re practicing/preparing for when you fall.

I wouldn’t want you to fall, but having the proper structures in place to get through a fall without injury takes preparation. It’s called prevention… Wink Wink.

Get a little creative with your jumping and add skipping to your treadmill workout like Madonna does, or stick to the basics and throw in some jump squats during your lunch break. Jessica Biel’s trainer Jason Walsh thinks jumping stairs is the perfect plyometric move for toning the legs and booty. You could even ask your Pilates instructor to teach you some jumping moves on the Reformer, it’s SO much fun.

So after all this chatter about jumping, let’s get to it shall we?

Lastly, if you’re looking for some laughs watch the end of today’s video, those kids are nuts man I tell ya! LOL!

WOD #218 Fun Jumping Moves 4 Toned Legs

Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio (At LEAST)
1-6 Rounds

  • Side-To-Side Hops – 30 Reps Total
  • V-Steps – 30 Reps Total
  • Forward / Backward Hops – 30 Total
  • Side Squat Leg Circles – 10 Total
  • 1 Minute Cardio – Example In Video Jumping Jacks

Cool Down – Down Dog 5 Deep Breaths / Child’s Pose 5 Deep Breaths

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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