Fun Family Play TimeToday’s WOD was a ton of fun to make. We had fun family play time while I was making the video for this workout.

Having Fun Family Play Time Is Important For Health

When I first started making videos I didn’t really think about the impact that I was having on my children. I was just pointing the camera and shooting.

Also, I didn’t even think about how much exercise I get each when I do make these videos. My wife gives me a little crap because I eat “all the time”. But in all reality it’s because I am moving “all the time”.

So I have to keep my metabolism firing by eating. People have this thought that if you eat less you will lose weight. Now, there is SOME truth to that, but it has to be done in a strategic way. Try googling catabolic and anabolic metabolism and see what you get.

Long story short with those two searches is that catabolic metabolism is a short stint of time where you “fast” to try to confuse your body. That will help your body get a little edge and that will start to increase your metabolism, BUT only for a VERY short while. Anabolic metabolism is when you eat more calories than burn. This also confuses your body and it will help your body with getting an edge, but AGAIN it is only for a VERY SHORT while.

Also if you are thinking of using this tool for yourself seek a professional to help you. You can do PERMANENT damage if you mess with your metabolism too often.

So, check out the video below so to see my children and working out and having fun…

WOD #60 Fun Family Play Time

4 Rounds For Time

  • Full Body Extensions – 20 Reps
  • Squat Press – 20 Reps
  • Mtn. Climbers – 20 Reps

You Got This!

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