Full Body Movement ExperienceHave you ever had an out of body experience? How about a FULL body movement experience?

THAT’s what today’s WOD is all about…

There is something to be said about exercise and out of body experiences. When I ran in college I use to get a “runners high”. It literally felt like I was running on pillows.

WOD #75 gave me that same feeling except I wasn’t running. Full Body Movement Experiences happen when you push yourself so hard that you feel ” high”…

The experience of this “high” brings you to a place where NO ONE can bring you down. Your metaphoric “happy place”, if you will.

How does one GET to this Full Body Movement Experience?

Well there isn’t a right way or a wrong way. There is simply YOUR way. Each and every day we practice to see if and/or when we can reach this place.

That’s the point of trying a new workout evey day. That way we are never board. Our body can’t guess what’s next, therefore it tries SO hard to get to that happy place earlier.

When I go through my day, I think about 2 things…

  1. How much oxygen have I consumed today?
  2. What kind of fluids are in my muscles and blood stream?

Now I talk ALL about reason #1 in THIS episode of THE Exercise Physiology Show. Go Here To Watch That.

Reason #2 is all about circulation and interrupting your bodies patterns. Meaning if you are inactive, then the fluids that are currently in your muscles and blood stream don’t have anywhere to go.

Meaning that any infections whether you know about them or not (aka cold or flu symptoms) your body won’t get rid of them any faster if you stay inactive.

If you DO move then that fluid gets mixed up with Lactic Acid. Your body then tries, as fast as it can, to get rid of that lactic acid.

When that happens it takes other fluids with it. Now, not all infections go with it, bit there is a WAY better chance of it getting out of your system when you DO move then if you didn’t.

So YOU choose what you want to do today. Stay the same, or shed some of that “stuff” you didn’t even know you didn’t had…

Let’s get to it then…

WOD #75 Full Body Movement Experience

3-4 Rounds

  • Full Body Extensions- 25 reps
  • Batmans- 25 reps

Even if you cannot get ALL of that done, get as MUCH as you CAN done.

Let me know how it goes.

Check out what Google has to offer you for Full Body Movement Experience by clicking HERE.

Also, when I do the Talk Therapy I simply talk it out for 10-30 minutes. I lay it ALL on the line. I simply be ME. Go Here to see what that looks/sounds like.

Watch the video below to see what WOD #75 looks like…

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