Full Body Extension ExperienceToday was really fun. The full body extension experience is one that I will never forget.

Full Body Extension Experience Vs. Burpees

When I first learned about a Full Body Extension I watched the video and thought to myself…

This can’t be as effective as a burpee

I was WAY wrong about that…

Now, burpees are the BEST way to get a full body workout, but they are also the hardest exercises known to mankind… Or WOmankind 😉

I use this exercise in workouts to take your metabolism and strap a rocket ship to it. As a parent, I know that I don’t have a ton of time to get to the gym. That’s why I am constantly looking for new ways or “old” ways to keep the calories burnin’…

It’s a ton of fun making these videos. I know I am doing something right when people are starting to tell me that I “should be charging for these workouts.” The truth is that I do, but only to those who want to.

I have plenty of experience to help someone move back to 90-100% after an orthopedic surgery like a complete knee or hip replacement or lumbar spinal fusion…

Or with their belief in themselves from a past history of being constantly blamed for other people’s problems…

With a few phone calls, weekly check-in and a virtual meet up or two via skype or google hang-outs my clients make LEAPS and bounds both with their short-term visions and long-term visions of themselves.

I am proud of YOU for making it THIS far on YOUR journey. When you are ready to take your journey to a more concrete approach, all you have to is call (218-790-8444) or text, email, Facebook Message, Twitter Personal Message, Google Plus Personal Message, Tumblr Personal Message, SnapChat Message or any other way of communication there is.

We can talk about rates that fit into your budget. I work with everyone, even those who THINK they “cannot afford” it. Believe me when I say that everyone who WANTS pay me does and that is not limited to monetary income because TIME also has a TREMENDOUS amount of value to me.

Ok, enough talk…

Here it is…

WOD #61 Full Body Extension Experience

Tabata Style – 20 seconds on 10 seconds off

2-6 Rounds

  • Push Ups
  • Squat Punches
  • Full Body Extensions
  • Standing Side Kicks

You got this!!

Let me know how it goes!! 🙂

Also, if you are looking for more ways to workout, let’s workout your mind. Talk Therapy is a way that I have been working out mentally for a while now. Go Here to check out today’s topic.

The video below shows you exactly what WOD #61 is all about…

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