Have you ever wondered how fire actually keeps going? Today’s show I relate the Fire Tetrahedron And Metabolism. It’s a VERY simple correlation…

Your body’s metabolism is a lot like the chain reaction of fire. When a fire starts all you need is three simple things…

  1. Oxygen
  2. Fuel
  3. Heat

Fire_TetrahedronThose three things form what firefighters call the Fire Tetrahedron. In today’s show that’s what I explain. The physiology OF what our body needs to keep our metabolism running HOT like a FIRE.

There are even ways to keep burning calories/excess energy by creating an afterburn.

That was covered in an earlier show. Click here for that.

But in all reality, with the exception of water, our bodies metabolism reacts just like a fire. Take one piece of the tetrahedron away and the fire goes out!

Watch the video to understand your bodies metabolism FOR GOOD!

Fire Tetrahedron And Metabolism | THE #Physiology Show Episode 6

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