Exciting Efficient Emotional MovementLove is where the heart is. Ever heard of that? Today’s WOD of exciting efficient emotional movement is one for the books for sure.

There are many positive emotions definitions out there, but when you put movement to it you can really make a difference with your emotional health.

I remember when I we in middle school and I wanted to feel good about myself SO bad. When I first started to lose weight I was working. That meant I had to eat on a regular schedule, move constantly and work really hard.

There is something called positive emotions words. To my understanding this is something that I have been doing but never even knew it. See, with ADHD I have a movie playing in my head at all times. That movie gives me places that I go to and tell myself things in that world that make me feel unstoppable.

I have been going to that place since I was in middle school and may sound crazy, but I simply give all that I have all the time. As a reslut of these WODs I only want people to be as happy as I am or better.

Ok, enough about me…

Now let’s get to today’s WOD…

WOD #58 Exciting Efficient Emotional Movement

3-4 Rounds

Tabata Style- 20 Seconds on and 10 Seconds Rest

    • Single Leg Squats- 20 seconds
    • Rest 10 seconds
    • Reverse Crunches- 20 seconds
    • Rest 10 seconds
    • Site To Side Hops- 20 seconds
    • Rest 10 Seconds
    • Plank- 20 seconds

Have Fun!

You Got This!

Check out the Video below for what today’s WOD looks like…

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