Motivation is the number one thing that can either help us achieve what we want or stop us right in our tracks. Consequently I created WOD #156 to give you empathetic self motivational movements that will skyrocket your motivation to KEEP GOING!

There’s a TON of motivational quotes out there that can help, but what will help the MOST is YOU…

What I mean is ask these questions DAILY the SECOND you get out of bed…

What motivates me the most?

Who do I need to be to become the best version of myself?

What would it be like if I WERE that best version of myself?

Those questions along with today’s WOD will give your brain something to think about.

Therefore if you keep asking those questions your attention will be put there, instead of your usual thoughts of lack.

Now let’s get to these empathetic motivational movements…

WOD #156 Empathetic Self Motivational Movements

Warm Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

1 – 6 Rounds

Tabata Style – 20 Seconds On and 10 Seconds Off

  • Plank Up And Out Jacks
  • Bridge Chest Press
  • Deadlift + Row
  • Lateral Jump
  • Side Lunge + Side Raise
  • Prone Pull Up

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog / Child’s Pose

In the Video below I show you exactly what to do, WITH modifications. In addition to the video, want more of a personal WOD for your specific goals? Then email me at [email protected]

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