Elevated Mind To Balance EmotionsWhen we think about emotional stress, do we think about an elevated mind to balance emotions for our own self? There are certain types of stress that really elicit some very strong emotions.

And with those kinds of stress, people have asked me…

What are the effects of stress?

What are good stress relievers for stress?

There are certain stress symptoms that you can really increase your awareness of and every day you can practice to increase that awareness for those symptoms.

With today’s WOD you really do elevate your mind to balance your emotions. Both figuratively and literally speaking.

So a lot of people talk about stairs as something they THINK they can not do…

But in all reality it is literally up to you so my offer for you today is to do something again that is different in both your mind and your body.

That is practicing movements like stairs…

Now, those stress symptoms are usually weight gain, increased anxiety, increased depression, low energy and many others to go with it.

Daily movements like the ones that I create interrupt the patterns in your brain that are illicit those strong emotions to combat those symptoms listed above…

Because what you’re really doing is you are putting yourself into a state of high anxiety.

If you go as hard as you can that state of mind that you’re in is just like having an anxiety attack…

So when you take yourself that for you purposefully go through those motions and the best part is you get to CHOOSE to stop the increased anxiety that is going on.

That increases your awareness of those things and anxious moments…

Through stressful moments…

Through strong emotional moments…

Elevated mind to balance emotions will help balance those emotions.

This is not easily obtained. That’s why constant practice every day can help the effects of stress and balance out your emotional state.

Without any more talk or any other distraction from me let’s get to the workout of the day…

And be sure to check out the video below because that’s what I do.

I simply make videos everyday so that you can constantly be practicing with interrupting your patterns for the betterment of yourself…

So here it is…

WOD #73 Elevated Mind To Balance Emotions

Give this a shot…

I felt AWESOME after I was done…

  • Step ups/Stair Climb
  • Beginners- 5-10 Minutes
  • Advanced- 10-20 Minutes

Have fun with this one!

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