Drop Those Honey HandlesMany of my clients bring this topic up: How to drop those honey handles. Well actually you may know them as love handles.

My clients also ask:

Where are you love handles located?

Well, its that little pocket of tissue, aka fat, above the hips and above the lower back.

I remember way back in middle school I was in the locker room after football practice with the other guys on the team. Most of them were nice, but there always have to be 3 or 4 bullies right?!!

Why do you think they travel in packs? Because they are VERY insecure themselves. So they have to have their buddies with them.

Let’s speed up to today. I don’t have those honey handles anymore because I dropped most of my bad habits. I say most because we are ALL human and no one is perfect.

There are millions of workouts for your love handles, but this one in particular is what helped me get rid of mine. There are modifications in the video below if you need them.

Otherwise if you want a more specific workout tailored to an injury you may have, let me know. Maybe you have had arthroscopic surgery on your knee or had a lumbar fusion/discectomy.

Either way, I have had MANY clients with physical AND mental disabilities change their lifestyle with my workouts/coaching. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you would like to talk more about what that looks like for you.

Here it is

WOD #48 Drop Those Honey Handles

3 Rounds

  • Side MTN Climbers- 12 reps total on each side
  • REST 10 seconds
  • Leg Circles- Forward 10 reps Backward 10 reps
    then switch sides
  • REST 10 seconds
  • Full Body Extensions- 10 reps

Have fun with this one!

To prove my point about how many millions of workouts for love handles there are Go Here

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