There are too many people out there who want everything to be perfect right away. Have you ever thought about what happens to a diamond and how it becomes a diamond? Diamonds always start as coal.

Sometimes I listen to music while I workout. I just happened to listen to a song by Incubus called Diamonds and Coal. It reminded me of today’s WOD.

Here are the lyrics that jumped out at me and the reason WOD #171 came to life…

Give it time girl, the fire feels divine
The sweetest things
They burn before they shine
We think way too much
Look at us losing touch
A promise is a promise until…

Sometimes we have to go through the fire to get to the shine. That song hit me like a ton of bricks because we do think way too much about how we look, what is happening outside of our body and how much we don’t have time…

We are SO losing touch with our inner self. When working out or intentionally moving you go through the process of changing your chemistry within your body. Long story short you create a balanced state of being.

So after you get your 100 done, be sure to ask yourself these questions…

Can I do more? Or am I going to let my ego get in the way?

REALLY think about that and my intuition tells me that you’ll try to get at LEAST 100 more. Taking the time to think about your thoughts will help you make different choices.

Coal starts out dirty and can seem a little “unclean.” Diamonds are a coveted object, but it takes a TON of work for that diamond to look and BE that way. Diamonds always start as coal. Therefore when you feel dirty or unworthy, rethink your thoughts on how you got to that place.


Go through the fire and let your old you burn away and become the diamond that you were meant to be.

Go shine on you beautiful diamond…

WOD #171 Diamonds Always Start As Coal

Warm – Up – 5 Minutes of Cardio

1-6 Rounds

Reps: 100

  • Bicycles

Cool Down – 10 Deep Breaths while sitting quietly

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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