Deep Dive Belief ManeuverHave you ever started a workout and thought that you couldn’t finish? Well today’s workout gives you a deep dive belief maneuver to help you restore that belief.

The maneuver I am talking about is called a dive bomb push up. In the video below I show you exactly what I’m talking about. It seems hard, but once you see it and see the modifications, you will have full belief that you CAN do it too.

When trying new exercises I am always keeping in mind the fact that I have been “practicing” for 10 years. Modifications are always needed, even if the exercise seems simple, mods are still being thought about by me.

When you are working with today’s WOD be very aware on how you are feeling. The belief that you can and will do something versus not is a powerful shift that is necessary for change.

So, here it is…

WOD #55 Deep Dive Belief Maneuver

3-5 Rounds

  • 10 Dive Bomb Push Ups
  • 20 Squat Rows
  • 20 Double Chest Expansions
  • 20 Deadlifts

You Got This!

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