Find out on this weeks episode of THE #Physiology Show how to decrease human mind stress responses.

We as human beings live in two states of mind…

1. State Of Creation

2. State Of Stress

The State of Stress has three kinds of stress

a. Physical Stress – Sprains, strains and “owies”
b. Chemical Stress – Bacteria, blood sugar and hangovers
c. Emotional Stress – Single parenting, traffic jams and a “bad day” at work

We as humans are the only creature on this planet that can create this response for a long period of time.

The rest of the creatures can simply turn it off. In the video I talk about a great example to make this more clear.

But all we have to do is simply THINK about a past event and that alone can turn on the stress response.

So when you constantly THINK about what has happened TO you, then those are the things that will KEEP happening to you.

When you are constantly preparing FOR the worst to happen, then your body takes it in as truth and the chemicals needed to survive that event or those events will be produced.


What happens when the worst DOESN’T happen?

You continue to live in the past and your body is conditioned to miss the present moment. Your future is the past.

This creates disease…

Diseases like anxiety, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Neurosis, Insomnia and the list goes on and on and on.

What’s even CRAZIER than that is this…

At minimum…

70% of waking our waking day is being driven by those hormones of survival

That means 70% of your day is spent trying to survive it!

That is so NOT ok!

So That begs the question…

What emotions are from stress?

Anger, Aggression, Fear of Anxiety, Fear of Guilt, Fear of Shame, Fear of Envy…

Again, the list goes on and on and on.

Out of ALL this learning I have been doing in my career as an Exercise Physiologist, this is the MOST fascinating.

I also have been working on my mission statement…

Which currently is this:

To help people practice loving kindness, compassion, strength, conviction, empowerment, and self love every day by thought alone.


By unlearning and relearning…

By un-memorizing emotions and re-memorizing responses TO emotions

So again…

You might be asking…

How do you DO all this?

Well, watch the video below and I will for SURE tell you how…

The COOLEST part of ALL of this stuff is that it is now scientifically PROVEN!

The information I have learned comes from Dr. Joe Dispenza. I give him ALL the credit for this blog post’s creation. Click Here to go to his YouTube channel and have your mind blown!

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Decrease Human Mind Stress Responses | THE #Physiology Show Episode 11

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