COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health
COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Since January 2020, life as we know it has changed forever. However, it now is better than it was before. COVID-19 microbiome soil health will be a topic that most won’t even know about. Dr. Zach Bush, other physicians like himself, and other scientists have done extensive research on microbiome soil health. They have related it to cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other autoimmune diseases due to the microbiome. I understand the word microbiome is being thrown around a lot here. However, it’s time we all get back to our roots and connect to mother nature.

Just know that I didn’t write the information below, but I FULLY support it. COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health is something that isn’t “popular” yet, but it will be.

There are so many people claiming that they have read the “right information” out there about COVID-19. The real information about CODVID-19 is ultimately up to what you feel to be right. However, when I watched the 2-hour video about how the COVID-19 Assumptions are wrong, from London Real. The hair on my arms was raised up and I had goosebumps from the information. I knew down to the center of my being this HAD to be typed out for people to read. Because who has 2 hours to digest this much information?

Another thing I did was go through the information and link them to the studies that Dr. Zach Bush talks about. Basically you have the opportunity to stay surface level or dive deeper with each link provided. It’s all relative to what you think, but these are scientific facts. Notice that Dr. Zach Bush doesn’t point fingers to blame anyone. It’s time we collectively start doing something from a place of love and not from a place of fear. To post this to, I’m proud of this information you’re about to take in. Again, I feel this deep down connection to what is being studied, correlated, and communicated. Without further ado please share this if you found value.

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

You can watch the video or read the text, either way, please take the time and become part of the solution and stop being part of the problem.

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Dr. Zach Bush – Our COVID-19 Assumptions Are Wrong: Why Social Distancing & Vaccines Will Make the Pandemic Worse

Brian Rose: This is London Real. I am Brian Rose. My guest today is Dr. Zach Bush, the American physician, and educator who specializes in the symbiotic relationship between human and environmental health.

In 2019, you correctly predicted that Hubei in Central China. You said it would be the origin of the next global pandemic due to its high levels of toxic pollution. Now you predict COVID-19 will clear naturally by the summer of 2021 and that a vaccine is not needed to eradicate the coronavirus. Throughout the pandemic, you’ve spoken out against needless lockdowns, ineffective face masks, and the blatant misdiagnosis of the virus. Dr. Bush, welcome to London Real.

Dr. Zach Bush: Yup give away all my punch lines.

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Here at London Real, we’ve been a platform for free speech since 2011. Dr. Bush, I’m super excited to have you here today. Lots of stuff to cover. There was a quote that you said recently that really stuck in my head. I think you said something to the effect of, that we’ve created a tyranny of fear for something that has the death rate of flu. Give me your thoughts on the last three months. I mean now that you had a little time to digest it all. What do you make of all of this, and is this fear something you still feel that’s out there in a big way?

We’ve created a tyranny of fear for something that has the death rate of the flu.

Dr. Zach Bush

Fear of COVID-19

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: I think the fear is going to continue to build until we wake up from the dream we’ve put ourselves into as humanity here. The fear is something that has been baked into our mindsets and it’s really the origin at the beginning of time. However, I am really thrilled to imagine a scenario where humans are so empowered with their own capacity to change and transform that there are a call-to-action and only a call for opportunity rather than a call to fear and paranoia. Therefore, to get there, we are going to have to really reconsider the worst-case scenarios which all point to death. We’ve seen a lot of people die these last few months in relation to a virus that’s coming around the world, and those deaths have been predictable in that we are on course towards the extinction of our species.

As we really come to terms with the fact that extinction means death. I think that’s somehow been lacking from our general consciousness. When we say global warming, clouts of climate, we’ve lost 40% of life on earth and we are losing a species to extinction every 20 minutes. All these statistics get thrown at us all the time and it doesn’t sink in, that means we are going to die.

In the end, we are afraid of something that’s happening around us because we don’t understand it or we don’t feel the opportunity to change it. This has been the most extraordinary example of a whole planet now. 7 billion people strong, going into that fear paradigm.

Brian Rose: Yeah, it’s a deep thing when you think about – well, first of all, death is part of life. I mean I don’t think a lot of people ever want to even think about that. We keep ourselves busy, usually, so we don’t have to consider that reality. Now, we’ve had a lot of time to think, and then we are being faced with this “thing” that we thought at first was going to cost a significant amount of death. Now it looks like statistically, it’s less.

But your point is, is that if we don’t change our behavior, we are all going to go anyways.

Earth Is A Planet That No Longer Can Sustain Life If…

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: Yeah, and it’s not personal in the sense that the planet is collapsing in its biologic capacity to produce life. This kind of hurtles back in some ways to imagine those early Star Trek movies where you’ve got Captain Kirk landing on these distant planets and they are trying to decide, is this habitable to life?

This is literally one of those planets that remarkably, miraculously had all of the right ingredients for life to happen. It had carbon that could be changed in form to create the backbone of biology. It had water that could then animate that carbon life form. Also, It has energy in the shape of a sun that’s just close enough to the earth to charge the earth’s surface with photonic energy so that biology would be powered into this animated state of water and carbon. Life would then generate through the origin of viruses and then viruses would slowly build life on the planet into extraordinary biodiversity and adapted biology that’s capable of everything.

Now, we see the underpinnings of that collapse and it is because we are disrupting the carbon soil systems, the water, and the air that we breathe. On this trajectory, Captain Kirk lands in a few hundred years and finds a planet that’s no longer habitable by not just humans but any large biology. Because of that, we will be back down into bacteria, fungi, and a few species of allergies that can still bloom in acidic oceans.

We are backing ourselves back to the origins of this planet or other planets where they are in this inhabitable space. With that, I think that we have a hard time imagining what it looks like to get from now, to that point of complete collapse.

Is Pollution Responsible For COVID-19?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

This pandemic is a very minor ripple effect. This is like that little early tremor in the collapse of the species. The death tolls that happened came nowhere near challenging the human population, the species, and continued growth, our population rise. They couldn’t touch any of that because it really affected most of all people over the age of 75 that we are at high mortality likelihood in this 12-month period anyways. There was no change in the trajectory of the cancer-like growth of human species from this virus.

So this virus is not what causes extinction. There is no virus that can cause extinction. Extinction has to be in undermining instead of the fundamentals of health. The disease doesn’t end health. It’s the collapse of health that welcomes in disease, and that’s what we’re seeing with this pandemic.

Brian Rose: When you started talking about the fact that it was the pollution that caused, I guess, the virus spreading. Maybe you can tell me more specifically about what you mean by that. I mean how do people react? Because that’s not the narrative that we are being told on our governments. I’m sure if we said this right now on YouTube, I’d be censored. When you start putting these ideas out there, well, first of all, what did people say initially and second of all, have people started to come around and started to listen to more of your ideas?

Dr. Zach Bush: I want to be clear that these aren’t like just my ideas. I’m not just some self-proclaiming clever person like I’ve got whole backed scientists and physicians and everything else that has been working around me for years. We are just one of many groups around the world that are really working to understand the role of soil, water, and air systems in human biology. We happen to be focused on the microbiome which is the bacteria and the fungi and all of these organisms.

Preventative Health Versus Cancer

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

When we started this mission 10 years ago, it was crickets. I actually was still at the University of Virginia at the time and I did one big keynote talk there that had the word healing in it and nobody showed up. The following month, I did one called Cancer it was packed. The mentality of the science community and including myself at that time was that we are here to stamp out the disease.

But the idea of health and healing is remote and feels new age-y or somehow feels like fake science. That’s an extraordinary mistake we made in medical education over the last hundred years was to forget the opportunity to create such resilient health that we would be resistant to disease. Instead, we focused all of our trillions of dollars of research and development and trillions of hours of manpower of research and ingenuity and intuition on disease management instead of health. The results are what you see around you.

What Fight Are We Fighting? (Cancer?)

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

The reason the dialogue looks like it is in the government and the WHO and the CDC and the UK system there, you guys are part of this big machine of fear that we created as physicians as well. As physicians and scientists, we have created the fight against cancer and the fear of bacterial infections, the fear of viral infections, when in fact, none of that is really underpinned by the current science. Science is radically changing in the last 20 years and it hasn’t trickled down into the mindset of the physicians, the scientists, and especially the clinicians yet.

Generally, we expect that to take 20 to 30 years to make a transition. But this has been such a radical shift that has come through our understanding of genomics and our ability to look at genomic sequencing of nature that we are starting to realize we were wrong. We are not at the center of the earth and this is very much – it can be that moment when in the 1600s the telescope would prove that we were not at the center of the universe. We thought that – in 1605, we thought the earth was flat and sat in the middle of the universe and they tried to come around us. Back in the Greek, but that addressed – there was a theory that it was around the planet but it was still a theory 2000 years ago.

By 1600 years later, it hadn’t really changed. There were still a lot of people that saw this saw it as a flat earth and say we still have flat earth society. Because of that mindset, here is this very slow adaption of understanding that science makes up a paradigm. As big as saying, we are not the center of the universe. The solar system is actually rotating around the sun, not us.

Why Hubei’s Pollution Was The Causing Factor Of The Pandemic

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Same way, it can potentially take hundreds of years for us to adapt the realization in our technologies, in our medicine, in our energy systems, transportation, education that we are not at the center of biology. We are the result of biology. We are actually like distant, long-laid sequela or symptom of biology on earth. The intelligence that we see the human capacity reaching is the result of billions of years of biologic progress. With that biologic progress has been accelerated in fact by biologic collapse and that’s why Hubei was such a predictable incident. In that when you see extinction-level stressed and to find that, you want to find disruption of the soil, water, and air. Disrupt soil, water, and air systems, you’re now pushing extinction of that fast. Nowhere do we have that happening in the world faster than Central China.

Central China has managed to adapt Western farming practices that have accelerated the death of soil there worse than anywhere else. Then Beijing and all of its energy and transportation have pushed an enormous amount of air pollution down to Hubei. Therefore, you have this perfect toxic stew of dead and dying soils, the largest pork antibiotic production system in the world coupled with this earth pollution. All of those factors are killing the soil, water, and air in a single place. When you do that, the response is adaptation. Biology goes into an explosive effort to find loopholes, to find alternative biologic pathways to avoid the toxicity, to try not to go extinct.

In an extinction event, you’re going to see an explosion of genetic intelligence. You’re going to see variants coming out all niches of biology to create adaptation for resilient recovery from an extinction event, and that’s what we have seen. Five big extinction events in our planet in the past and every time they happen, we come back as a planet more diverse, more biologically intelligent because of the viral explosion of intelligence that happens around us in extinction event.

This coronavirus and any naturally-occurring virus is actually an adaptation event towards the next opportunity for the explosion of life on earth. Because we are only halfway through this extinction event, I’m excited to imagine that we could stop our behavior, realign, and witness an explosion of biologic diversity, biologic resilience of this planet. That has never been witnessed for a billion years. It could be really explosively exciting.

Brian Rose: Wow! This is exciting to think about. Because the environment was so stressed over there in China, this particular coronavirus just naturally emerged like to almost fill a void there. In that sense, it was predictable. It didn’t necessarily come from a lab or all these places. Maybe you can explain that a little bit more to like the layman of how that could just happen there or how that coronavirus can just become present.

What Is A Virus?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: So I guess a little bit of background of what is a virus first. A virus is not a living organism. We have severely miscategorized viruses as physicians or scientists as part of the microbiome. You don’t need to be a scientist to look up the words micro and biome. Micro meaning small, biome meaning living organisms. The microbiome is a description of living organisms that are microscopic, meaning these ancient bacteria like guys called Archaea then bacteria then fungi. then protozoa and parasites. This extraordinary universe out there, and they so outnumber any biologic life the size of a human. This massive biology of life within the microbiome is huge. There’s subsequently now 3 and a half to 5 million species of just fungi. It’s just like this extraordinary explosion of capacity and adaptation of the fungal kingdom alone.

The viruses are not alive and therefore should not be categorized, as far as I’m concerned, in the microbiome because they are not living organisms. They are a secretion of bacteria and multicellular organisms. If they come from bacteria, we have to call them bacteriophage but it’s just a virus. Coming out of a human system for example or another mammal, we call them viruses. But these are genetic secretions of living cells that don’t pass any life capacity within that package of information. It’s literally a communication tool for the genome to proliferate to create adaptation and biodiversity. It is the tool for life to quickly adapt and shift into a more intelligent life form.

A virus is a package of genetic information that’s targeted. This is a really fascinating thing. This isn’t like just oozing of genetic information. It’s wrapped up just like a smartphone to deliver the information right to the right place where it’s most needed.

How Long Has Coronavirus Been Around?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

In the case of coronavirus which has been around with us for – documented for over 740 years. in an interesting approach to record-keeping in genomics, all the way back to potentially 1,200 years in one case. Coronavirus has been around for probably thousands of years but we’ve been able to document it back to that far back. It’s a very common part of the human experience. Coronavirus has caused many of the common colds we experienced, et cetera.

When an organism in great stress, it has the need for an adaptation. It can take something like a coronavirus and misspell the genetic information within that. The misspelling will accelerate as the stress increases. It does this by actually intentionally having slightly sloppy machinery for repeating the genetic information within the viral genome. The virus, as this extensive genomic collection of information, starts to misspell. Many of those will be irrelevant, just misspellings, and will go on to do nothing.

Occasionally, you will see an up-regulation of function or an important structural adaptation represented in that genomic information. Therefore when it enters an organism like a human, we take it into our genomics. We then start to proliferate it out there to expand that information stream. As we saw with corona and the vast majority of viruses on the planet. It’s asymptomatic in almost all individuals that get it. A very small section of people will develop severe symptoms and disease and either become ill and recover or die.

The pathway towards that is very regulated. Viruses, we have this belief system even as scientists. That they are like Trojan horses that come in and take over the mechanisms of our human cells to proliferate. It’s nowhere near that reality. If that was true, we would have never existed. It’s because there are 10 to the 31 viruses in the air that we breathe. 10 to the 31, we are not good at math as a population. That’s 1 with 31 zeros after it (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). Remember, a billion is 9 zeros. 31 zeros at the end of that. There are now 10 million times more viruses in the air than there are stars in the entire universe to put this in perspective.

We then look into the soils and we find another 10 to the 31 viruses there. Then we look into the ocean water and we find another 10 to the 31 viruses there. We are so surrounded by this genetic information. If it actually behaved such that every time it touched us, it would take over our machinery, and just for its own good start to proliferate, we would never exist. We are the result of viruses. Therefore, we are not being attacked by viruses.

When I say that, that’s quite literal. With the recent genomic sequencing. We are not getting good at understanding which parts of our DNA were inserted directly by viruses. We now have counted up to more than 50% of the human genes resulting from direct viral updates and at least 10% of our genes are direct viral updates from retroviruses like HIV.

Over the last hundred years, we have demonized the very mechanisms by which we have become real. That’s a terrifying mistake to make because when your paradigm is so reversed. As a scientist, you are taught fear and attack the very thing that built you. You are now going to engineer your own extinction. We have done that through the advent of antimicrobials, antivirals, antifungals, and the like.

Now, there are many doctors listening right now who are saying, “Oh, that’s got to be BS because I see patients dying of pneumonia and if I give them an antibiotic, they improve.” This is where we again, fail to see the big picture. We start to measure outcomes by two weeks instead of two years or 20 years in these individuals.

Antibiotics And Depression/Anxiety

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

What we now know is that a single course of antibiotics undermines human biology. Immediately we destroy the fabric of the organic soil of our microbiome. A single course of antibiotics has now been documented to increase your risk of major depression in the next 12 months by 17%. Also your risk of major anxiety disorder by 24%. Two courses of antibiotics in the next year over a 12-month period, risk of major depression is now 44%, risk of a massive anxiety disorder is 52% higher.

So it’s this radical undermining of our brain and our neurologic function when we just take an antibiotic. But more terrifyingly if you look at the United States, I’ve shown these maps thousands of times to audiences in which you can look at the antibiotic prescription rate per state within the United States and show a perfect correlation to the risk of death from cancer in those states. So the higher the rate of antibiotic prescription use, you would likely die from cancer.

The higher the rate of antibiotic prescription use, you would likely die from cancer.

Dr. Zach Bush

Brian Rose: Why is that?

Dr. Zach Bush: So this is the shortsightedness.

Brian Rose: Why is that a direct correlation with cancer do you think?

Soil, Antibiotics and Cancer

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: Yeah, it’s an important question that started to emerge in 2005 and 2010. So 15 years ago, we started to get enough genomic sequencing capacity looking at the gut microbiome for the first time which we discovered was an entire universe of intelligence within our gut. Therefore we started to realize that people that were missing specific species of bacteria within their gut flora were at very high risk for specific cancers. Meaning, if you lose these types of bacteria, you will get breast cancer. You lose these types of bacteria, you will get colon cancer. If you lose these bacteria, you will get prostate cancer.

It’s very specific. It wasn’t like a general well, four bacteria means cancer. It’s very specific, cancer-specific. That was actually the turning point in my career. I started to study nutrition. I had been doing cancer chemotherapy research at the University of Virginia, which is developing new chemotherapy from vitamin A compounds. That march into vitamin A, I started to study nutrition for the first time. Because of that journey, it became obvious that I had totally missed the boat. I had gotten completely confused in my own journey as to what cancer was and how we would treat it. It was in that sobering moment where you realized not a single case of cancer in history had ever been caused by a lack of chemotherapy.

It was a devastating realization. I think that we have to come around quickly to the realization that this soil within our gut is actually the mechanism by which we produce health. When we undermine the soil, the plant life dies. In this case, that happens to be us. We have to really be sobered by the reality that we are undermining specific niches of the soil organisms and the soil vitality within to produce this cancer epidemic.

Brian Rose: Wow! You are talking about the soil that we grow our food in or are you talking about soil that gets in our system?

The Health/Unhealth Of The Soil We Grow Our Food In

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: I’m talking about the soil that we grow our food in indirectly. But ultimately, I’m talking about the organic soil that should be your intestinal environment. So your gut, if you look at your stool, that is compost. This is the ultimate soil within you. When you flush the toilet, how the heck did it start looking like that? You just ate a few hours ago and it looked like beets and sauerkraut and everything else on your plate and cabbage and all these colors and it comes out looking like soil. You are a composting machine for the microbial intelligence within you. Just as you put compost into your garden expecting life to be more abundant, we have so forgotten that process in our bodies.

We keep taking drugs and supplements as this kind of end-stage management of diseases that are manifesting from a lack of soil health within our intestinal organic garden and we are accelerating that than by destroying the actual soils of the earth. By which now our food system is lacking the nutrients that refuel our diverse ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, microbiome soils within us and we’ve laced those foods with antibiotics namely, the herbicides, most specifically round-up with glyphosate.

Brian Rose: Yeah. This whole perspective is interesting because I mean it’s a great comparison to the 1600s and the flat earth and how we kind of even look at physicians. I remember – when I used to go to a doctor five years ago or ten years ago, and he didn’t give me an antibiotic for what I was feeling sick for, I would get angry because I was like, “I know that’s the quick solution.” And we have this whole thing that you go to your doctor, he prescribes you something and it fixes you.

Even in this whole pandemic, we know that the comorbidities make you more susceptible to death. We know smoking and obesity and diabetes and yet, the UK government and all the governments all talking about vaccines. They are not talking about why don’t we get healthier, why don’t we exercise, why don’t we eat better, why don’t we do this, when those factors could make a massive difference. We are still in this whole “write me a prescription” type mentality and we look at doctors in a way where we are not being proactive about our health. I don’t know. It’s a very serious paradigm shift that needs to happen.

But like you said, it probably will take a long time, right? Because even as kids, we are taught, you go to the doctor and he makes you better, right?

Where Did The Power Go?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: Yeah. I think the power has definitely been taken away from the individual to pursue health. With the marble walls, white coats, the stethoscopes, all the fancy trappings of MRI machines, CT scans, billions of dollars of laboratories, we give the impression that we know what the hell is going on. The reality is, we have no clue because we have been going down this wrong avenue of education. Believing that the human system is this isolated system that has to fight off disease and most importantly, it needs an immune system to kill all microorganisms around it so that it doesn’t die, so we don’t get an infection. That is the mentality that it out there both in the physicians, the scientists, and the public still.

We know as of 30 years ago that oh my gosh, humans can’t survive unless the microorganisms within it are thriving in massive biodiversity. In the last 15 years, it has been mind-blowing to realize that’s not isolated to our gut. In fact, we have bacteria, fungi, viruses teaming in every single organ of our body to produce health. As a matter of fact, when we start to slip into disease, the microbiome goes into an adaptation stress response system to try to recover our health.

Alzheimer’s And Fugue

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Alzheimer’s brains when you section those and you look at the most damaged part of the brain, that thing that has to come to help is a yeast form of Candida glabrata. That has now shifted to a mycelial-like fungal hyphae form that has built a network of mycelial-like root system around the damaged portion of the brain. Trying to bring nutrients and fuel resource to that damaged area of the brain. We have a feared yeast that we are terrified in hospital systems. We try to eradicate all the time, finding out that that’s actually what’s trying to help recover the brain of this Alzheimer’s patient as they start to decline.

We’ve now seen that in breast cancer. The bacteria it shows up to try to recover the health of the breast cancer is something called mycoplasma radio-tolerance or mycobacterium radio-tolerance. That species of bacteria is able to thrive in the acidic environment around the breast cancer and it’s able to try to bring again nutrients and fuel production and communication into that space.

We now know that the more sterile you make that patient, the less radio-tolerance that’s present, the faster that woman will die of metastatic cancer. As you undermined not just the gut soils but the soils that are within us, that fact that there’s microbiome within your brain is just like – that’s heresy in my education from the early 1990s, almost – that’s farther back than I have thought for a second when I said that. I thought was really recent. But as it turns out, we are so slow to change our behavior because we keep seeing in a hospital for example examples of, “Here is an infection, if I don’t treat that infection, this patient is going to die.”

We forget then the backup and say, “The reason that patient has an infection is that we so damaged the soil system that there’s now weed-like growth of a couple of organisms and we are going to go in and try to wipe out the weeds.” And the response is going to be more and more aggressive weeds and more and more drug-resistant weeds, and that’s of course exactly what I see now when I’m working with farmers all the time now in their soil systems.

When I go out into a farm on a conventional landscape, it’s not unusual for us to see these Roundup-resistant weeds that are taking over farms that can be the size of Christmas trees. These weeds with like trunk-like size things, they have been so forced into this extreme effort to recover the biology of this dying soil system. As soon as you stop trying to kill them, one year later, that soil no longer has that weed present. The need for that weed went away because the soil began to recover its ecosystem.

If in our damage control we need a moment of antibiotics, we need to – instead of saying, “Now, you are better from your pneumonia,” we need to say, “We just made things worse and you’re going to come back next year or a few months with something much worse. And unfortunately, that may be cancer because you just wiped out your microbiome again.

So right now, as you leave the hospital, we are putting you on a 3-month journey into microbiome diversification. So we would like you to change and modify your daily behavior so that nature is starting to bring more and more microbial diversity into your life every day.” If that was the discharge instructions from the hospital, we would stop the recidivism that we see in medicine in the same way we see recidivism in prisons because we don’t fix the underlying cause of the socio-economic collapse, lack of education, and all of this that yield the full prison system.

That recidivism in the hospitals is tragic on a whole another level. it’s such a burnout career to be a hospitalist. As an internal medicine doctor, I spent so many years in hospitals and ICUs. When you are admitting the same patient for the same freaking condition for the fourth time in a single month, you start to really give up hope. You feel like the finger in a dike of this damn that’s breaking a product disease across you. As we cancer now reaching 1 in 2 males in the United States will now be diagnosed with cancer before they die. That’s mind-boggling. That’s a doubling of our cancer rate just in the last 30 years or something.

It is so fast now that we are seeing this explosion. Simultaneously, we are seeing almost vertical increases in neurologic degeneration, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s down into our children, attention-deficit/hyperactivity, autism, and the like. Our population is failing to build healthy brains.

The antidepressants, the anti-anxieties, the sleep medicines, the sexual disorders, all of this explosion of dysfunction of the brain is because the organism is losing the soil system. We need to radically change our viewpoint from, “oh, we just fixed pneumonia,” to, “we just did a whack-a-mole situation where we whacked down the mole for a second but it’s going to pop up over a year because we’re going to have another problem.”

Wack-A-Mole Game Health Care System

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

The same thing is happening on a global scale. If you look at the recent Netflix release on, I think it’s called Bill’s Brain or something. It’s on Bill Gates and this feel-good story about him and the Gates Foundation on what they are trying to do to eradicate polio and these viral infections fighting this very intensive, almost military efforts of vaccination in India and areas there. What you see is they stamped it out in one thing and there, he is showing, I can’t remember who he was talking to at that moment, it may have been one of his investors or something, but he was showing that “Hey, we eradicated here but then it popped up over here. So then we implement our system over here in this county and we eradicated that and then it popped up back over here.”

So they are doing the whack-a-mole game not just in a single patient now but in the whole populations where they can’t suppress the infection because they are not realizing that they are playing on a two-dimensional chessboard. When in fact, biology is three-dimensional and the microorganisms are through the soil, water, and air systems. And the reason they are there is because we’ve damaged the system.

Polio Was Eradicated NOT With A Vaccine, Nut With Pools And Water Systems Being Chlorinated

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

We didn’t eradicate polio for example in the United States until we change our water systems. Therefore, when we chlorinated our pools and stopped the weed-like growth of microorganisms in swimming pools, we would have still had polio today. It wasn’t until we changed the water than it went away.

We had a story that the polio vaccine made polio go away. Not true. We changed a thousand things in medical management around tonsils and adenectomies and radiation for acne that was going on at the time and everything else. We stopped doing all of that. The children recovered the immune system when we changed their water environment and polio went away. Therefore, we are seeing the inability of that same polio vaccine to eradicate it in India because we are not fixing the underlying problem which is an abnormal, unbalanced terrain of water and soil systems because there’s so much chemical toxicity within those developing countries now.

Brian Rose: Yeah. Well, let’s talk a little bit about maybe vaccines and then pharmaceutical companies. I mean you talked about kind of this classic relationship we have with doctors. We go to the doctor and they fix you. That’s unfortunate and you probably know this from being in medicine, it’s kind of backed up 10x by the pharmaceutical companies.

I had Dr. Michael Greger on a couple of weeks ago, a famous doctor who advocates plant-based diets because the numbers tell him it’s the right thing to do. But he said, “Brian, the best thing that a doctor does is a blood pressure test because they adjust the statin, 10 minutes the patient is in and out, everybody makes money including the BMW dealership down the road.” The doctor makes money. It’s not necessarily any conspiracy going on. It’s just it works for everyone and the patient seems like they’re happy, “Oh, you fixed me. You did something good for me.”

And this whole industry just keeps going and it’s almost got a mind of its own. It’s almost like a living organism that wants to live and grow and get bigger and it stops anything kind of in its path, which is probably why I can’t talk about vaccines on mainstream media or even social platforms.” So you got running and then now you’ve got the potential of a vaccine which again, brings these companies in there as well. Maybe speak a little bit about the pharmaceutical industry and how it affects the whole relationship we have with doctors. Then I’d love to get in and talk about the whole concept of a vaccine and what’s right about it and what’s wrong about it.

Pharmaceutical Machine?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: Yeah. So the industry is certainly a machine. What you just described, you could have easily just been standing in front of a medical school class describing cancer. It is a machine that is self-proliferating, self-serving, and self-reinforcing. There’s nothing within the growth of the machine that can slow itself down. It’s a perpetual motion machine that takes more and more energy to drive it and it can’t produce its own energy so it has to extract it from the environment around it. That’s how cancer grows.

The medical system and I would argue, the present system, and the military-industrial complex all have the same problem. They are chasing symptoms of a collapsing society, now these cases, and constantly winning the game because they make more money for those that are running the system. It is not a conspiracy theory at all. It is capitalism at its best work really.

This goes deeper than capitalism. It’s humanism. The humanism philosophy that we live in is that we are in conflict with everything around us. I mean we need to kill everything else so that there’s more room for us. With just what we’ve talked about over the last few minutes altogether, you start to realize we are in all of those systems destroying biodiversity. We can destroy biodiversity in human, in societies. We can destroy biodiversity within microbial systems.

By so doing, in the monocropping type behavior of humans, as we plant this corn and soybean and wheat across 10 million acres of farmland more every year. We are undermining what biology and life are really intended to do, which is to do biodiversity. We do not only have a machine. That machine is a machine of simplification. It’s always trying to get to simpler and simpler algorithms to produce a disease modification so that it fits everybody.

Coronavirus Deaths Aren’t Even Caused By Coronavirus

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

You mentioned earlier that we saw that that one of the main likelihoods of mortality from what we were calling corona deaths was not coronavirus at all. It was actually comorbidities of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. Which none of those three have anything to do with the physiology of the virus perse. Therefore, it was begging the question of why are those three populations and why is it that the patients that have chronic asthma, emphysema, and all of that were the top ones there? Why is it that the lung patients are so at risk for these respiratory viruses that are being called?

As it turns out, those three categories of patients have to be put on the same two drugs. As I was saying earlier, the machine is trying to find simpler and simpler algorithms so that the complexity of a day of a physician can be executed quickly. So you need a doctor to come in and see and do pattern recognition. Something where they can immediately say, these are the two drugs needed.

Then the very extraordinarily complex disease, pathophysiologies of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, and the liver and kidney disease, have now been boiled down to a clinical algorithm. One that you just have to put them on a statin drug and an ace-inhibitor blood pressure medicine and you’ve won the game as a physician. You can check those two boxes and say, “I just practice the standard of care for any of those.” Now, you are talking about nearly a billion patients worldwide with one of those three conditions.

Those two medications pertinently changed the terrain of our lungs to over express the receptor for coronavirus.

Dr. Zach Bush

We’ve boiled those three conditions globally down to two medications. Those two medications pertinently changed the terrain of our lungs to overexpress the receptor for coronavirus. We have changed the terrain. We have changed the physiology of humanity through this narrow, blinders on perspective, this reductionist belief system that pharmacy is going to fix everything. By doing that, we made the whole population prone to a disease event that actually had very little to do with the virus in the beginning and it had to do with the change in the terrain. Just as the weed is not the thing that comes and attacks the farm. The farm is failing, the soil is failing, and therefore, the weed shows up.

Corona is a natural part of our microbiome ecosystem’s communication network, okay? So microbiome bacteria, fungi, all these are communicating. Corona is there as a communication network. If it starts to develop an abnormal relationship with our terrain, it’s because we have modified it ourselves, and nowhere is that more obvious in this pandemic than those two drugs of the statins and ace-inhibitors.

Brian Rose: Before we jump into vaccines then, give me your thoughts on coronavirus because again, originally, we saw the predictions from your college and the computer models of 2 million people dying in the US and then we saw those numbers come way down but we still see especially in the media these days that I – sometimes I can just see that the articles, they are getting crazy clicks because the second wave, get people scared again. But what is the reality of what we’ve actually seen with COVID-19 versus what people are being told by governments and what we expected?

What Is The Reality Of What We’ve Actually Seen With COVID-19 vs. What People Are Being Told By Governments?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: The science is so multifaceted here. To say that I have all the science at my fingertips will be inaccurate. I have a lot of numbers that I’ve pulled in and have colleagues that are pulling aggressively for months now to come up with a stable model for what has been happening around the world. It certainly is telling a different tale than what we’ve seen in the media. But it’s not to say that people aren’t dying. It is actually to say that people are dying and people are dying related to an exposure to a respiratory virus.

Is The Testing For COVID-19 Accurate?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

There are huge problems with our diagnostic tool here. PCR is the tool that has been used globally to determine if somebody has COVID or not. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. It’s an amplification technique for finding small amounts of DNA. It is a very big dilemma because the presence of that DNA doesn’t mean you’re ever going to get sick from that virus. Most of us will have that DNA in our bloodstream for a period of time as we go into our genetic update. As we are taking this virus in, we proliferate the virus to get it into enough cells of the body, and then we reached homeostasis. It is where we have taken enough of that genetic information and we stop making it. Or we make tiny amounts of it. 

That balance with that DNA has nothing to do with whether we are going to develop disease or not from it. Again, most people exposed to COVID were asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic. Therefore, the presence of the DNA has nothing to do with whether that person is going to die in the coming months. That’s fallacy number one.

The next problem is you have no idea who had COVID in their bloodstream two weeks ago. All you can say is it’s there or not there right now. That’s a problem because you don’t know the rate at which people are nationally recovering from the exposure of this or adapting to the exposure of this virus. Therefore, you get this very artificial look at who is dying or the mortality rate of this thing because you are only looking at the sick populations. If you are looking at sick populations, you are going to find an abnormal amount of this virus presence just as if you go to a farm that has destroyed soil. You are going to find all kinds of microorganisms that are abnormally represented there because the soil is destroyed.

We are going into the damaged soil of patients and saying, “Oh my gosh! The virus is here.” The answer is of course it’s there because they don’t have a normal ecosystem. They don’t have normal biologic balance homeostasis with their environment. Anything in the environment is going to be present in abnormal ratios. Especially if they are on a statin drug and ace-inhibitor that pulled that virus into the environment at a more aggressive effort.

We keep mistaking the presence of this virus as if it’s a cause of an invasion. We know that it’s not because it didn’t hurt most of the people that were exposed to it. To say that this virus is attacking somebody is just categorically wrong by the science that’s sitting right in front of us.

Interpretation Of COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

A deeper flaw is that PCR has an extraordinary amount of false positives. Every time we say, “Here’s a new corona case,” the likelihood of that being COVID is a fraction of the reality or our state of reality. One study that got done early on was immediately ripped off within weeks was that there was a false positive rate of 80% with the current PCR test that came out at the beginning of this pandemic. An 80% false positive means that you are overestimating the number of infections by 80%. Even if you are identifying the DNA within that patient, the likelihood that you’re finding COVID there is actually very, very low. And the actual number is like 19.8%.

As that got pulled off, the other half of the study had said that it also has a false-negative rate of 30%. Meaning that when you say, “No, no, there’s no DNA in here,” 30% of those people actually do have the DNA there. It neither is good at doing predictive presence or the elimination of the likelihood of that thing going there.

What got left behind in that study, so they ripped off the data saying that there was this 80% false-positive rate and left the data that there was a 30% false-negative rate so that they could go on with the media saying, “Not only do we have 200,000 deaths in America with COVID, we probably are underestimating that by 30%.”

So what we are seeing in the media is this whole story of we have this really abnormal rate of total death, total mortality is really high around the world between these months where we said COVID is here. By doing that, we gave the impression that we have this extreme mortality, this very dangerous virus.

But the diagrams they keep showing you is just last year compared to this year. If you look at the 7-year trend of all-cause mortality, it has been steadily going up. But if you age-adjust that all-cause mortality, it’s going up very slowly. The reality is, we have an aging population and with every time that the age of the population ticks up, you expect more mortality that year because people have an expiration that’s predictable. Especially when the planet gets more and more toxic and the chance of living gets less and less.

When you correct for the general trend over the last 7 years of mortality, we are actually spot on our total mortality for the year in the United States here. We didn’t have some explosive year death. We are on track for our natural progression that if you adjust for age and then adjust for population growth, we are spot on.

The data that you are currently seeing that makes it look so out of whack compared to last year is notable. Because when you look at the last 7-year trend, we had a very bizarrely low mortality rate last year, 2018-2019 kind of season. It was a bizarrely low total mortality as well as respiratory mortality year. We are in that catch-up year after that population that should have died last year from respiratory or all-cause mortality or attacks, drugs, et cetera had low mortality.

We expect to catch up here where there’s going to be more death from cardiovascular and cancer and everything else because of the pent-up aging men that didn’t happen to die last year. The Baby Boomers as we call them in the United States are hitting this critical age, 65 and above now and we are going to see an explosion of all-cause mortality.

Over the next few years, if we let the media tell us what’s happening, it’s going to sound like we are all at the higher risk of dying every year. In some ways, they are right because we are going extinct. But if you age-adjust everything, you get a much different look at the reality of where we are at. As a consumer, we have to become statisticians of this time because the statistics are being used against us. It’s being used to fuel a fear paradigm within us that’s taking away our power.

If I come to you as a physician and say, “All-cause mortality is increasing because the aging of the population is becoming real. The Baby Boomers are here. We are going to have the largest geriatric population in the history of mankind. It’s going to be crippled with the worst chronic disease burden that any geriatric population that has had. Also, it’s going to happen simultaneously to the most explosive chronic disease burden in children that we’ve ever seen. We are about to see the bankruptcy of Western civilization because of the rise of chronic disease in our children and elderly and the rapid ageing of the population as a whole.

Now, I’m painting you a much different picture that we can actually act on. Okay. How can we now fundamentally change the resources for the elderly and children so they don’t present with the same burden of chronic disease? And the answer is quite simple. We need to get them outside in the sunshine as much as possible and eating real food all the time. If we did those two things, we would fundamentally the disease burden in the short run.

I think there are people out there that say, “Well, that would be a disaster that there are going to be so many more people on the earth. We need people to be dying at the same rate.” And I would argue there’s a simple solution for population control and it’s called education. Specifically, it’s called the education of women. Every time we see women’s rate of education go up in a society, the size of the family shrinks to really nice homeostasis and balance. We don’t know what the right number of humans are on earth because we have not educated women.

Why It’s Crucial For Women To Help Design The Way We Live In Today’s World Moving Forward

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

If we educate women globally, we are going to see a balance of our species with our environment for the very first time. That will be the rise of this feminine archetype that I think will save the planet if we allow women to start to participate in the design of the fabric of culture, technology, sciences, and certainly medicine. Not as pseudo men, because that’s what we do right now to women like, “Oh, sure. You can enter the workforce but you’re going to have to behave like the men if you want to play in the boardroom.” That’s not helpful. That’s not creating a feminine archetype.

We shouldn’t be pleased with ourselves that 15% of CEOs are now women. It’s such a lower number anyways but we shouldn’t even consider that a victory because we forced them into a masculine archetype and certainly, that happens in medicine all the time there. If you are not the toughest gynecologic surgeon with a badass like kind of do or die mentality then you’re not a good surgeon.

I mean the most intense surgeons I always tended to be around in medical school and otherwise were women who are surgeons in gynecologic cancers. They had so been forced into adapting this masculine war-like mentality that they were just scary to be around. Med students were scared to be around them, let alone their patients.

I see the fact that we are forcing women to lose their most important attributes of process-oriented, nurture-oriented mindset. We see the collapse of society happening.

I went down a rabbit hole there and I apologize because you asked something completely different I’m sure. The reality is that I see the opportunity for us to change the fabric by which we see physiology happening on the planet through education and we will literally see the balancing of our ecosystem of humans versus soil versus water and air.

Brian Rose: Have you ever sat back and thought why aren’t we being given the right information? Why is the default to get us scared? And why is the default to put out the information that oh, this is happening when it’s out of control? I mean do you think it’s because it was a knee-jerk reaction in the beginning and now everyone is kind of covering their traces and covering their back? I get that feeling in the UK where it’s like we are basically coming out of lockdown almost a hundred percent but it felt like they couldn’t do it three or four weeks ago because it would make evidently everybody looked stupid for doing it in the first place. Have you ever tried to get your head around why we are not being told the truth?

Dr. Zach Bush: Yeah. Yeah, on a minute by minute basis. I keep looking around at this country in dumbfounded just – my poor wife, she has to hear me like lose my mind every 5 minutes because I just can’t believe we are doing this. But what I have to keep reminding myself is we had an irrational belief that led to our behavior of terrifying virus, lockdown, it’s killing everybody. Therefore, we missed an opportunity to manage those conditions correctly, and that’s something you might want to get into. We mismanaged those and so we created high mortality in our hospital systems because we were mismanaging these patients as if they were infected when they weren’t.

With that fear paradigm merging, we started to make irrational decisions that weren’t based on the dynamics of the virus but the dynamics of the comorbid conditions that we are actually putting everybody at risk. Because of that, we created an irrational thing.

There is no rational recovery from adopted a bunch of irrational behaviors to resolve the irrational response, and that’s what we are seeing. I have to keep excusing human nature here. It’s like nobody can sweep in with a rational solution to the situation. That’s so far from the reality that there’s no way to bring everybody, (legislators, regulators, public health officials). Whose responsibility is to keep people healthy and you’ve given them an artificial paradigm or a completely erroneous and irrational paradigm and you’re telling them to get people out of this irrational situation.

So my heart is literally going out to those people that are given responsibility for getting us out of the situation because you are screwed. There’s no way for you to make an intelligent decision because there is no right data for you to look at. Because the data that got you to where you were was so wrong.

At some point, we need to come to terms with the fact that with this next pandemic that’s going to happen. In the next 24 months, I’ll show you where the next one comes. I have the data to show you how much round-up is being spread in the soil, how much antibiotic is used in the animals being grown in that environment, the swine and the poultry, and the like. Then how much air pollution is combined with that and we can tell you where the next extreme stress of extinction is going to happen and the next paradigm is going to collapse or the next paradigm of collapse is going to emerge.

When we see the collapse, we need to take a rational response to that, that next paradigm needs to be. We have a perturbation in nature and our relationship to nature here is expressing itself as a new viral pandemic. We need to connect everybody back to nature as fast as possible to stop this pandemic from killing people.

Was The Shutdown Of The World A Mistake?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

In fact, we did that by mistake. We locked everybody down and the result was, we stopped planes, we stopped all of the carbon particulate matter in the air, we stopped farming, we stopped spraying. In fact, there was a cessation of the pipeline Roundup from China being produced in China to the United States and suddenly, farmers couldn’t get their cheap glyphosate Roundup and they had to stop spraying. I was dancing in the streets. It’s like finally. It wasn’t the science, it wasn’t anything that made Roundup and all of a sudden it stops spraying chemicals into our soil. It was actually a false belief in a virus or a false understanding of that virus that led to the right response, which was stop freaking killing the planet for a moment.

In Hubei Province, we have the most beautiful demonstration of this. Hubei typically will have 150 to 200 microns of this carbon particulate air pollution per cubic meter. By the time they had been in lockdown for six weeks, it had gone below 35 microns. We haven’t seen that in decades in China. That low of air pollution counts. As soon as it went below 40, the mortality from COVID suddenly stopped and it flatlined. Everybody in the world was just screaming, “Well, China is lying. China is lying. They have to start telling us the truth anymore.” Maybe. But I can tell you, there’s a very good physiologic explanation of why suddenly the mortality rate went so low. It’s because they cleaned up the atmosphere indirectly.

With this next fall coming on, we are going to see another surge of all of the respiratory conditions out there from pneumococcal bacterial pneumonia to COVID or whatever you want to blame it on. But we are going to see an abnormal relationship with airborne pathogens again because of the amount of carbon particulate that starts in the second week of November. And that accumulation of carbon particulate in the air throughout the world is the result of the silencing of the soil in fall and winter.

Was Hypoxia Treated Right in Covid-19 Patients

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

When the Northern Hemisphere goes into its fall and winter state, it stops pulling carbon out of the atmosphere. We get a rapid accumulation of carbon. And every year in the third week of November, we say flu season starts. Flu is there the first week of November. Flu is there the first week of October. And yet, we don’t see mortality from it because we are in a better homeostasis with it. Flu season is carbon toxicity season. That’s it.

There’s no way you can create population statistics so perfectly even with the seasons that can be mapped at their beginning and at their endpoint to the week every single year. There is no way that pandemics are happening like that. The viruses are always present. Through the detoxification of our air and soil systems and the natural cycles of seasons, we lose our balance. And between the third week of October and the third week of November, we have an explosion of CO2 and methane and carbon particulate pollution in the air.

That gets worse and worse and worse until May, and that’s what we saw with COVID and all of that is this virus that binds two PM2.5. The virus is binding to that particulate matter and clumping and therefore, creating an artificial delivery system for the virus in the first place. Then when you get an artificially air pollutioned creation of a clump of viruses that now hits a lung that has been pharmaceutically up-regulated to receive that virus. You get a dumping of that virus into that individual because of the air pollution, because of the seasonal shift and carbon particulate.

 Rising Cyanide Levels In US Cities

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Then on the backend of that PM2.5, you have cyanide. Cyanide is a very common particulate in air pollution from the energy sector. In the United States in fact, right before this pandemic, and so the pandemic hits around December and whatnot, right before the pandemic in May.

Earthjustice, one of our best kind of watchdog organizations of lawyers and kind of ecological watchdogs sued the United States government for failure to alert citizens of this rising amount of cyanide in many of our big cities that months later would be dying from COVID.

Cyanide as it turns out when it enters the human system in abnormal amounts will poison the red blood cells so that it can’t carry oxygen. It causes something called hypoxic – histotoxic hypoxia. Histotoxic hypoxia caused by cyanide poisoning presents exactly like we said COVID presents. 5,700 patients admitted to New York hospitals were and were published and they were published as their vital signs and their white blood cell counts and all of their laboratories.

In those 5,700 patients, the average temperature was stone cold normal. There was no fever as a presenting symptom. Their white blood cell count was stone cold normal. It’s in fact in the lower one-third of normal. So it wasn’t even slightly moving towards elevated. The lymphocytes or specific white blood cells that would be up-regulated in the event of acute infection were normal. There was no what we call left shift going on.

I can tell you very confidently that the population of patients presenting with COVID, diagnosed with COVID were not presenting with infection. They were presenting with hypoxia. that’s what was present in those 5,700 patients was a lack of oxygen-carrying capacity. And early organ failure from hypoxia, namely the liver and the kidneys.

With those 5,700 patients presenting with hypoxia, two or three days later the lungs after being injured by a hypoxic event which is a lack of oxygen injury, starts to fill with fluid naturally. If you have a drowning victim that has gotten a lack of oxygen or you take somebody suddenly to Everest and they have high altitude poisoning or sickness, what’s happening is that hypoxic injury was causing damage to the cellular systems and the lungs filled with fluid a few days later. The fluid inside the lung creates an abnormal terrain and you get bacteria that will collect there and you will get secondary infections of pneumonia and the patient will die.

Interestingly, the hypoxic injury also induces a broad spectrum change in our bloodstream. This is making us prone to blood clots especially in micro blood vessels. We then are told that COVID causes micro blood clots, fluid accumulating in the lungs, and all of these downstream consequences of a hypoxic injury. That I believe was caused by not just cyanide but many other being hundreds of toxic chemicals in air pollution that are being brought into the human bloodstream by coronavirus unintentionally. Coronavirus is just floating out there as a genetic update to the population of the world. Then it clumps artificially to air pollution, gets zipped into the bloodstream in artificially high levels by the pharmaceuticalized lung. Then delivers the cyanide injury and we get this histotoxic hypoxia and a few days later we die.

Are We Dying From The Virus?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

We are not dying of infection from the virus. We are dying of downstream secondary complications including bacterial infections from a hypoxic injury.

Dr. Zach Bush

It turns out that we are not dying from the virus. We are not dying of infection from the virus. We are dying of downstream secondary complications including bacterial infections from a hypoxic injury. And it blew my mind when I started digging into this a few months ago. I uncovered this incredible document from an archive of medical history publication. It wasn’t like your typical peer-reviewed science and it was looking at the history of syndromes and pandemics.

I found in there this description from a Chinese doctor of exactly what he was seeing around these frontlines of SARS in 2002. And it reads, “The patients are showing up blue with hypoxia and then we have to sit and wait. Nothing works. And we sit and wait for their lungs to fill with fluid and then get secondary pneumonia and die. We knew 18 years ago that these patients weren’t dying from an infection and we did nothing. In fact, we try to create a vaccine and in the end, we failed completely because we’ve never succeeded in our RNA vaccine.

Then 2012 MERS hits and the same phenomenon happens. This time, coming out of the Middle East. But they are not really coming out of a location. They are coming from a biology that is finding pockets around the world that are expressing the same biology. So why do they jump from Hubei Province to suddenly Northern Italy, being in the second hot spot? That doesn’t make sense for anything regarding the normal flu season. So what happened there? It turns out that you will find in Northern Italy the highest concentration of PM2.5 carbon particulate matter in all of Europe and the highest rates of Roundup spray in the soil systems.

My belief is the whole planet exuded this biologic update to coronavirus in hot pockets that were suffering from the same extinction capacity. We then went from and gave that stress a name and we called it COVID-19. That’s just a name. Every year, viruses are exploding and out of very predictable terrain of damaged ecosystems and the like.

You asked, what about a vaccine? And with what you all know right now from others or where we’ve said, does a vaccine make sense? Are we actually fighting anything? Is there something that we are failing to fight in the scenario that we’ve laid out?

Brian Rose: No, it seems like. And while we are on that same point, is New York City also similar to say Hubei and Italy as far as its toxicology and potential particulates in the air? Is that maybe why that was so severely affected as well?

Dr. Zach Bush: Spot on. So New York has the highest PM2.5 in the United States and its due of course the high concentration of people in a very small amount of space. The transportation and even more damaging than the transportation sector is the New Jersey which sits right next to New York and pours its toxicity into New York is the energy firms. So these oil refineries and all that just to the West of New York City and that air is carried. So you have high, high PM2.5.

And of course, as soon as COVID hit, we saw a lockdown happening and our average levels of 40 to 80 PM2.5 dropped into the 12. So it’s very exciting to see that air clean up so quickly. It’s largely out of decreased demand for petroleum. So all the planes stopped flying in the world and suddenly everybody has to stop and enriching oil and at the same time, we happen to have price war in the Middle East over oil that preceded or coincided with the pandemic. Oil prices collapsed across the world. So everybody stopped refining it and all of that.

With that, there was a cleanup of the air and we should have seen a really short syndrome. It kept going on and on because the patients in New York were being told that you’re going to die of a virus and you better hurry up and get to a hospital. Through fear, we were driving people into a hospital system with the belief that we needed to put those people on a ventilator. When in fact, there is no amount of oxygen you can pump into somebody with histotoxic hypoxia to make them better. Their red blood cell cannot carry the oxygen. You can give them 100% oxygen and they’re not going to improve their hypoxic state because you have failed to fix the red blood cell.

It turns out that cyanide poisoning can be reversed with a $10 pack of syringes. For $10, you get three injections- starts with sodium nitrate and two other injections. It’s benign. It’s a quick self-administered kit that we give people in the chemical industry who have to work around cyanide all the time. We give them a kit to carry and they’re supposed to self-administer if they get exposed to a cyanide poisoning event. It’s easy to administer. Any nurse, any individual could do it and it would reverse that hypoxic injury in minutes. Literally, in minutes you would take that person out of the hypoxic injury.

If we had done that, if we had taken the approach that we need to change the shape of the red blood cells, it would have radically reduced mortality. Instead, we whipped all those people into a ventilator and we reached 88% mortality rates in New York City hospitals, the worst mortality of any virus I think ever seen. Not because the virus was causing the problem but because our management of this terrifying virus syndrome was so mistaken. It was so misled.

How Did Physicians Make That Big Of A Mistake?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

So how did physicians make that big of a mistake? How did they not see that they were not showing up with fever and infection? And the answer is fear. We cannot see it. When we are in damage control and the ER is filling up with people and they are hypoxic and nothing we are doing is working, we go into a complete fight or flight state.

Interestingly, the human brain when it goes into a fight or flight state, specifically shuts down the area of your brain that does creative thought. So we could not think creatively about this problem because the neurobiology prohibited our capacity to think creatively because we were in a fight or flight state. Because we allow the fear paradigm-shift around it. And I think that if there were crimes against humanity that happened in the last few months, it was in our medical management of these patients that died isolated. We want their families and to see these dying people, for the first time that I’ve ever heard, we force people to die alone. And we don’t do that in medicine.

We don’t do that in the marines. We don’t do that in the military. If somebody is dying on the field, you run through the gunfire, you run through gunfire, you treated that marine. We have that same attitude in medicine and I guarantee you, every physician and nurse who had to take care of this pandemic has that ethos. They will be by their patient side. They are so courageous.

I am so heartbroken and it just – it really tears me up as a human, let alone a physician to know that my colleagues were put into such a massive fear state that they had to break their deepest ethical commitments to their patients. They had to break those out of a belief that they were going to protect other people by not touching this patient. And now we know that there were essentially hospital-acquired COVID cases in the world over these last few months.

We were not at risk of getting some massive viral thing because these patients weren’t dying of the virus. They were dying of downstream pneumonia, bacterial infections, and histotoxic injury to their organ systems and multi-organ failures. These people weren’t even infected. They weren’t producing COVID out there. They weren’t even – by the time they are ventilated in the ICU, it’s not – the virus is gone. The virus is only present for 3 to 5 days before it stops producing itself.

They couldn’t think that clearly because they thought this is like something like Ebola. Ebola only has a mortality of 30%. 88% mortality and a rupture of ethical behavior. It is tearing up physicians and nurses right now and listening to this maybe. I know you were experiencing it. Even at the time, there was cognitive dissonance happening where you knew you were doing the wrong thing but you couldn’t figure out what the right thing was.

To All Of The People On The Front Lines Of This Pandemic

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

My heart goes out to all of you. My love goes out to all of you just to say I love you. I love you for your care of those patients and you tried everything you could in a desperate situation. To makes sense of all it and care for your patients to the best of your ability on a mandate that ruptured your ethical intuition at a deep, deep level. I want us as a scientific community, as physicians and nurses, I hope that we create some online forums, some town halls to come together to start to heal each other.

Because if we hit the next pandemic without healing, we are going to make more desperate mistakes again. It could get much, much grimmer as to our behavior and I think we will start zipping people into body bags before they are even dead if we let this immortality, kind of concept, keep creeping into our mindset. When you break your ethical code and you break your ethical intuition and don’t heal it, you become capable of horrific things.

As a medical community, I hope that we have a real deep sense of our need to heal, our need to stop the chaos and stop the erosion of the sovereignty of health, the sovereignty of patient rights, the sovereignty of human biology in its connection to Mother Nature ultimately. If we start to heal that, we will make more rational and measured responses to the next tragedy that we face.

Brian Rose: I’m conflicted because part of me is so glad that I’m talking to you right now because you’re kind of clearly explaining everything that I’ve been told for the last 60 days that had to be separated and put on this Digital Freedom Platform because it can’t be talked about on YouTube but I’ve heard all of this before, Zach. Dr. Buttar was saying the same thing. It’s like hypoxia, it’s like high altitude sickness in these hospitals. It doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before. And yet, the New York Times is telling us that everyone is dying and it’s spreading and the mainstream media is giving us one version of what’s happening. Now, I’ve had very bold and brave doctors and other people saying what you’ve been saying.

I’ve had a guy named David Icke on the show for the past couple of months who everyone thinks is crazy who said exactly what you said two, two and a half months ago. Look at the pollution in Italy. Look at the pollution in these places. That’s why this is happening. And everyone says he was crazy.

Yet, everything you are saying now just reinforces these things that we were told by doctors that were brave enough to stand up and were completely persecuted because of it, not to mention censored for talking about it. I mean I’ve had some very painful and deep discussions with my partner at YouTube and they’ve said straight up, I’m taking the video down because there is COVID-19 denier. This is when David Icke said exactly what you said. The PCR test is flawed. It shows just the presence of the genetic material which could be a lot of things. That’s literally ripped down from YouTube when we talked about it. When we talked about the other things you are talking about, pulled down just because it’s against WHO guidelines, the same thing that gave us all this other contradicting information.

It has been frustrating for us too, Zach. Then to talk about like you said, people dying alone and things that are against I guess the Hippocratic Oath and a lot of what you guys are talking too. But I guess it comes down to this irrationality like if you have irrationality to start it off and you replace it with more irrational behavior, I guess you’re going to get this. But it has been hard to watch in slow motion over here, to be honest.

Dr. Zach Bush: It’s hard to watch and it’s painful to see the collapse of rational behavior. It’s painful to see the fear paradigm. I do want to maybe address that because it’s tempting to believe that there is a conspiracy theory going on here. There is a conspiracy, dark state, or deep state or whatever they are calling it that is coming out all these lies about the virus and all of this and they are censoring everybody because of that.

The Censorship Is Out Of Fear Of Loss Of Control.

Dr. Zach Bush

The censorship is out of fear of loss of control. There is a desire for control I think in most people that are put into power. That’s actually built on a half-truth which is altruistic. They want to protect people and so they have to – they’ve been told they have to protect people from a virus or whatever it is. For that, they adopt a worldview that has been handed to them by the pharmaceutical community. But it doesn’t change the fact that they think they are doing a good thing.

We should be aware that there isn’t some vast conspiracy where all these governments are writing up to do, tell us these lies, and all of that. It’s a breakdown of freedom of communication and access to information that led us here. And we started that I believe in the United States hardcore under President Clinton’s administration when he signed to raise some legislation that allowed for the monopolization to occur in the media.

We lost independent journalism around 1998 with the signing of that bill. As we saw the monopoly is formed around the conglomerates of CNN and MSNBC and all these massive conglomerates that are multibillion, billion-dollar organizations that are controlling the information stream. You can now change human behavior by changing the data you give three people on the planet. You will have a ripple effect through every media, every local media station, and everything else. Everyone starts saying the same thing. Not because they are all part of a conspiracy but because we broke down the natural biologic web of information and we made it a mono-crop.

When we took away diverse viewpoints and perspectives and that’s why I celebrate what you are doing at London Real and I celebrate the Freedom Platform that you guys are expressing there. In fact, I want to loop back to that in a future conversation with you because I will make it part of a project that we are working on here in the United States. If we can re-engender an independent media, which we knew, at the beginning of the Constitution in the United States which is what we successfully escaped you all from. We escaped the British Empire through our recognition of a need for an independent voice. With that right to that public voice, that multi-variant perspective within journalism was baked into the Constitution with an understanding that we couldn’t have a free society without it.

In 1998, we made the biggest mistake we’ve ever made as a Constitutional nation when we undermined that capacity for a biodiverse voice within the media. And the voices to express these alternative perspectives. I’m so grateful that the internet is here for us to reengineer. We need to re-engineer the internet because we created a monoculture here with three conglomerates of Amazon, Google, and Facebook controlling 99% of the behavior online. That was a mistake. It’s just like planting corn, soybean and wheat across 99% of agricultural lands. You are going to create an artificial landscape and it’s going to express deceased. We have a deceased social media in the same way we have a deceased media and journalism is dying at all levels.

But you see an opportunity here which you guys are doing. There are a number of social media platforms emerging now that are built around the idea of civil liberty and freedom and noncensorship. For example, Telegram is one of them. There’s just a number of this starting to crawl up now where programmers are realizing, “We need to reinvent this thing. We need to change the terrain to create a biologically healthy society.” And we can’t have a biologically healthy society unless we have a diverse microbiome. The diverse microbiome of society is communication. It’s voices. That’s in fact what we found in my lab in 2012 that changed the course of my career. A communication network made by bacteria and fungi.

Why Is It Important To Have A Diverse Microbiome?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

So why is it important to have a diverse microbiome? Because they build the communication network for biology on the planet. When you start to lower the population diversity of the microbiome, you lose the communication network. Therefore, in this eloquent fashion, we are seeing the collapse of biology happened for the same reason we are seeing the collapse of society. It’s because we are killing the communication network. We are creating monoculture in both social and microbial systems and the result is a lack of communication. Which then brings the emergence of disease and collapse and we are certainly seeing the collapse of the US Empire. We have all of the symptoms that you would expect, martial law and we have military in the streets and everything you are seeing coming out in the United States right now.

Yes, it was triggered by the tragic death of George Floyd where he was lynched in public basically with a knee by an officer and that triggered a media event and protests and the like. But that is a tiny symptom of a daily experience in the streets of the United States, of an empire that’s collapsing and more and more desperate signs of fear and control being expressed by single individuals now.

You’ve seen videos I’m sure online of people attacking somebody in a grocery store for not wearing a mask. Screaming slurs at them and everything else. Our psychology is super deceased. When we start treating each other like that and we start policing one another’s social behaviors on that level with misinformation even scarier, we are everything that you saw with the rise and fall of The Third Reich.

We are everything that you saw with the rise and fall of the British Empire We are everything that you saw with the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the Persians. It doesn’t matter which empire. Towards the end of that dynasty as the systems of society collapses, you see a censorship developed, you see a taking over of information streams, you see propaganda machines take over, and you see more and more desperate measures by the police, military, and the like and you see the collapse of health happened as well.

Historically as well, you saw massive pandemics emerge from those collapsing empires. It helped us form this belief of, whoa, we got to be afraid of these viruses and bacteria because germs have wiped out empires. I would argue that germs are the result of collapsing empires or the result of empires and are present in the collapse of that empire only because the empire undermined natural systems at every level.

Brian Rose: That’s a very deep parallel, Zach. I would be thinking about that later. I feel like we are that big weed that just popped up in the field there, the size of a tree trunk because almost out of necessity because these monocultures are there but the system clearly needs something that we are doing right now, which is independent voice because the system needs it. People want to hear it. And so yeah, I mean we put these messages out there.

My next question is, I would say I feel like the general public is starting to wizen up that not everything they’ve been told is true. We are seeing everything opening up. We are seeing the social distancing go from two meters to one meter. From that, we are seeing all these things happened that don’t seem to be making sense. A lot of the things that the government told us don’t seem to add up. I feel like that’s happening. Now, that could all change with a second wave and more fear.

But the one thing I don’t see happening is people understanding a vaccine and the relationship of vaccines. I forced myself to watch the movie, Contagion, about three months ago before even the lockdown happened. I made myself watch it. It’s pretty heavy. You see Gwyneth Paltrow there flipping out on the kitchen and coughing up stuff and you see a high mortality rate. We didn’t know what was going to happen then.

But also, one thing I noticed, Zach, is at the end, you see the vaccine happened. When the vaccine happens, everything is okay in the world and it’s just little saline solution that you put on each nostril and then like literally 3 seconds after they put it, they’re like, “And now, you’re going to be okay the rest of your life.” It was weird and I’m sure Soderbergh didn’t want to do this intentionally but it implies what we are always taught about vaccines. Ever since I was a kid, I used to watch these after-school special things. The vaccine would come in and everyone would be okay. And yet, the more I learned about the vaccines and the industry from people like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or a whole slew of people from Judy Mikovits to Dr. Tenpenny, the more I realized how flawed that system is.

I got Dr. Andrew Wakefield tomorrow. You see the movies and you’re starting to learn that there are all sorts of problems in the execution of that science. There is this lack of liability, lack of accountability, and also the fact that vaccines aren’t these panaceas and yet, we are all being kind of corralled into this is the solution. This is how you get your freedom back. This is how you can travel, this is how you can go to concerts, and yet it all just doesn’t make sense. And we are also being told we are going fast track it and then everything is going to be okay.

Curious what you think here, Zach, because there are a lot of big question marks here.

It has to be fast-tracked. If they don’t get a vaccine on the market by January then they’re going to be exposed.

Dr. Zach Bush

Dr. Zach Bush: It has to be fast-tracked. If they don’t get a vaccine on the market by January then they’re going to be exposed. The reason is, is because this thing is going to be gone next year. We know that because every other coronavirus pandemic we have disappears within two seasons. With the conclusion of this next respiratory flu season which is a carbon particulate season, not a flu season. But as we get done with that, next season, next June, this will be done. I’m that confident because that’s exactly what happened with SARS and MERS. This being another version of that same corona phenomenon. We are going to develop a relationship with this virus over the next 12 months from now. Where we are not going to see this thing or a prevalent piece of biology at all. We are going to reach this homeostasis.

It’s Not Herd Immunity It’s…

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

It’s often called herd immunity. But again, that’s a mistake and believing that the immune system fought off all of this DNA all over the world. That’s impossible. Our immune system is limited to our bloodstream and our skin and everything. It stops here. We can’t eradicate viral genomic information. First of all, it’s not alive so you can’t kill it. Therefore, it needs to disassemble itself through basically oxidation or corrosion, the same way that metal takes itself apart by rusting. Viruses will disassemble in that natural systems over a period of time.

Coronavirus Is An Important Update

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

But the belief that you have to somehow fight these things is erroneous because it’s just impossible for us to change that genomic environment around us. And in fact, everything you’ve heard so far I hope you’re starting to get the realization of why would we want to block coronavirus from our system? Coronavirus is an important update. And people will say, “Well, this one happened to be made by a military lab.” Oh, it sure looks a hell of a lot like the last coronaviruses. If they did change it, it was a minuscule shift. And people were like, “Well, look at how few people had SARS.” Well, it’s because we didn’t even test the world with PCR to look for SARS.

We have this extremely limited viewpoint on what SARS was. It wasn’t 9,000 people that died with that virus in there, 9,000 people were diagnosed that had it but it’s impossible that only 9,000 people because it was multifocal. It was all over Europe, in the US, and came out in the Middle East with MERS. These things are multifocal. There’s no way that just 9,000 people get exposed and then died. That’s impossible.

The population sees these things and we reached a homeostasis balance. The vast majority of us will see that and never even let the virus reproduce in ourselves. Please note, it is important to know when you start to think about vaccines that RNA viruses are short-lived and they are imbalanced with human biology. It’s going to reach a balanced state. Not because we fought it off. It’s because we reached a balance. There is no herd immunity for viruses. That is a false belief. It is actually a balanced state. The way that we reached balance doesn’t have much to do with the antibodies it turns out. Antibodies can be a small piece of the puzzle as to how we reached this balance.

But the main thing that’s emerging around viruses that the primary tool that we use to make sure that we neither maybe perhaps even express the virus in the first place so we are exposed, it comes into our bloodstream, enters a cell. Instead of reproducing that virus, we simply chop up the DNA with this enzyme within our cell that is always looking for RNA and DNA from viruses and chopping it up before they start to reproduce it.

Roundup And It’s Effects On Human DNA

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Interestingly, we can poison that enzyme especially the genomics beneath that enzyme with Roundup. Therefore, when we see high populations or density in areas of high spraying of Roundup, we can be sure we are poisoning the genetic sequence that will make the enzyme that will clip up the DNA. If we want to see health emerge, then this coronavirus and all other respiratory viruses go into a much lower state of dysfunction during those winter months. We need to make sure that everybody is getting connected to the much healthier soil system where they have access to the amino acids that will build that enzyme.

But Roundup blocks the amino acid production of the soil system in plants so that we can’t get the building blocks for the scissors that will clip up the DNA when it enters our cell. When you now realized that the antibodies are very late events in the course of control and balance for viral expression within our bodies. You know we are chasing the wind with the virus even – or with the vaccine. Even if we got a vaccine that worked saying “that it didn’t kill people,” even if we found a safe vaccine, it would have to be a Band-Aid on the surface of the pandemic. It cannot prevent a pandemic because it’s not getting at the root cause of this balanced state that’s being eroded by poisoning of our food systems through herbicides and pesticides.

We will continue to have pandemics. We will continue to have an expression of disease and dysfunction and death as we undermine these natural biologic systems that should have us in a homeostatic balance with nature.

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

The vaccine is a Band-Aid at best. Terrifyingly, all the RNA vaccines we’ve ever created tend to do something called a super anagen effect where we actually hypersensitized that person to future exposure to that. When they do get exposed, they die really quickly from an overwhelming immune response to that androgen.

We are potentiating death for the next coronavirus if in fact, we allow an RNA virus to go on. That’s the history of RNA viruses and it has always been seen in those first couple of clinical trials with these fast-tracking vaccines that got put straight into humans. Even in the low dose category, we created hypersensitization. People are going to die from corona for the first time if we allow that vaccine to go into practice. Right now, people are dying from consequences of hypoxia-related to the entry of the virus but they are not dying from the virus. They are dying weeks later from complications of histotoxic hypoxia and bacterial infection. They are not dying from the virus.

But with that vaccine, we will start to die by our reaction to the virus itself. And I think we would see the very first true COVID deaths on the tail end of the vaccination program worldwide. We have a Band-Aid that’s going to by its biology, put us at risk for a much worse relationship to the viral genome as a whole. And terrifyingly, it doesn’t just stop it at coronavirus. In fact, we know in the military study in the United States in 2017 that the influenza vaccine once given predisposes people to six other respiratory infections in the next couple of years including coronavirus.

If we had really thought in December that there was a new virus coming that had a 30% mortality which was some of those early estimates or even a 3% mortality which would be 30% or – for that of the flu. And 250 million people die worldwide would have a lucky number if all of those numbers were true. If that had been true and we really cared about the population, we would have immediately say that all that influenza vaccines, we were told the whole population do not get their flu vaccine this year. We have a coronavirus going. And yet, we never put that information out there. We never see the CDC or anybody saying, “Don’t take your influenza vaccine this year.”

So we have a corruption of information because – and I believe the reason that that could get done is they were afraid that if they told people not to take it now then there will be some critical questioning of why are we going to take it next year then? They were afraid of creating fear of the vaccine so they didn’t tell us the truth. And so – and again, it’s altruistic at some level of the mind.

Some sort of subconscious or conscious effort to override rational thought with this altruistic belief that we need people to be vaccinated and yet all of a sudden there’s a flu that had been unbelievable. You have to like dissect down the data insanely before you can find any group that has a decreased mortality with the advent of influenza vaccines. It’s usually elderly people between 75 and 78 or middle-aged men between the age of 45 and 65. They will find in every study some little niche within their study population that actually seemed to have a statistical improvement and then they publish it like it was a great success.

But the Cocker (No idea what Dr. Zach Bush said here because the audio cut out little, sorry peeps) interview that was done in 2012 at the NIA showed that there was no change in the advent of influenza infection with the vaccine. There was no change in the rate of infection. The only thing that could measure a benefit to is maybe 6 hours less of symptoms if you were a middle-aged man between the age of 45 and 55 and got this maybe on 6 hours less of symptoms from your flu reaction.

But amazingly, we keep believing that this thing is saving people’s lives. It can’t be saving lives because again, any virus is a genetic expression of need within the body that changed the terrain. If we disrupt that terrain modification, we’re going to make it prone to other infections and disease downstream. I have concerns that that’s going to include cancer. Every vaccine that we put out and not understanding how it screws up our relationship to the natural microbiome, I already told you the data of how cancer emerges from an unbalanced microbiome. If we keep vaccinating our children and changing their relationship to the ecosystem, we are going to see the most explosive cancer in history and we already are.

If we keep vaccinating our children and changing their relationship to the ecosystem, we are going to see the most explosive cancer in history and we already are.

Dr. Zach Bush

We have dealt – if you have any doubt about this, go down to Houston and visit Texas Children’s Hospital. It is a literal city of skyscrapers housing our children with cancer. It’s the biggest economy outside of oil in Houston now. It’s tragic that we are undermining the fabric of nature to justify a response to a fear paradigm. Therefore, we will go extinct. And yet, it’s so simple to solve in the end. We just need to wake up.

Brian Rose: Has there been a successful vaccine?

Has There Been A Successful Vaccine?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: We don’t have data to suggest that. I mean obviously, there had been thousands of scientific studies saying, “Hey, here’s a success in a vaccine.” But if you look at the history of mankind. We didn’t see changes in measles, mumps, rubella, and all of these other conditions that you think we are vaccinating. It wasn’t until we changed the terrain and we stopped malnutrition. We also stopped the contaminated – fecal water system contamination. Lastly, we cleaned up different parts of the food system. Until we changed the terrain around the human, we didn’t see these conditions changed. And yet, we keep pretending like these vaccines did the whole thing.

But it’s irrational because if that was true then we would see the eradication of those conditions all over the place. When we see a measles outbreak from Disneyland or whatever, 90% or 87% to 95% of those kids that are getting the condition were vaccinated. We have no data that there’s actually maybe long-term protection from these vaccines, to begin with.

The evidence seemed to suggest that if it suddenly crops up as an endemic area of high viral expression, anybody is vulnerable to that. It would have to be because the physiology of viral balance doesn’t have to do with the antibody to that bug. The immunization that then triggers an antibody is only one small part of the functionality of the immune system. There is in the end, in my viewpoint, no such thing as a human immune system. There is only an ecologic balance. If we come into ecologic balance with the planet. Then we are resilient and we show no signs of infection, bacterial, viral, or otherwise.

Is Immunity An Old Paradigm?

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

The concept of immunity is old. It is broken. It is very incomplete. We need to update our effort. I’ve often been challenged by the question of, are you anti-vax? And the answer is no. In fact, you can go to my petition. About 10,000 people have signed it in the last few months. The petition is for us to put together an international committee for childhood health and vaccination with a scientific committee. It will help rethink vaccines within the context of our understanding. Especially now that we know children need microbiome within them and they need diversity.

So what is the future of vaccination? Maybe there is a future in vaccines. It’s very successful. But it’s going to look much, much different than our current belief system about vaccines. Because the microbiome is not against us. The virome is not against us. A healthy vaccination concept would probably be something more like creating something within us. A compound that we found in the soil for example. When we extract these compounds from the bacteria and fungi from the soil and we put it into a black liquid supplement. It changes the terrain of the biology within the gut, skin, and biologic system of the individual. Therefore, they grow a different garden.

Their diseases start to modify and change not because the supplement is doing anything. But because it puts back a communication network from the bacteria and fungi. That then informs the human system as to which environment it is challenged with. It will respond with its innate capacity for bigger healing and regeneration. That liquid supplement line that we’ve been working with for the last 8 years in both humans and animals. We have large scale trials in Canada right now for example in poultry. I’m sorry, In cattle, getting ready for poultry and swine. These studies will show that if you change the terrains of communication. The animals will become resilient and don’t need the antibiotic exposure, to begin with. That’s the kind of methodology that we need to start to adopt.

We need to probably lose the word vaccine and start to understand immunity as a childhood immunity.

Dr. Zach Bush

Immunity Vs. Vaccine

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

A vaccine of the future is not going to be something that induces an immune response. It’s going to be something that integrates us back into our natural eco-balance. We need to probably lose the word vaccine and start to understand immunity as a childhood immunity. Its balance with the diverse ecosystem. Which of course will change our public policy around public school food, hospital food, food within our prison systems, food on our reservations for our first nation people.

We need to fundamentally understand child immunity not as warfare against nature but as something dependent upon that nature. When we change that mentality, we will stop arguing over should we have vaccines or not. We will also realize that’s an old story. That the whole argument is outdated. You shouldn’t be anti-vax and you shouldn’t be pro-vax. We should be immune. You should be pro-immune system. To be pro immune system, you have to be pro-ecology. You have to envision an earth where our children are integrated into a natural food system in utero. One where the mothers are so nurtured.

If we rushed in as some nations do in Northern Europe, you have countries that will, as soon as somebody gets pregnant. They start to subsidize their food so that they are eating healthy food. Also making sure that woman is nurtured. If we did that, we would save ourselves trillions of dollars on the backend of disease management. Simply by being proactive in getting that child before even birth integrated into a natural system. And make sure that the mother’s vaginal canal is an organic garden teaming with life and biodiversity. So that as it enters the birth canal, and that adopts the organic garden that it will move into the world with it. It will have a very natural relationship with the viruses that it’s about to be exposed to.

In an extraordinary study recently, they showed that at 7 days of age, your average infant has 10 to the 8th viruses per gram of stool. 10 to the 8th viruses in their bowels and they have no innate immune system yet. They can’t make antibodies at 7 days old. They can’t make antibodies at 7 weeks. It’s not really until 6 months, a baby will really be making antibodies. If our relationship to viruses depended on our production of antibodies those vaccine-induced antibodies. Then we would be dead in the first week of life. We would have no ability to be in a homeostatic balance.

But that child has 7 days as a healing machine. It is so revved up in its protein synthesis and its protein production. There are so many enzymes actively clipping up all genomic information. That’s separate from its own somatic genetic system that it’s safe. It’s completely in this umbrella of protection from the virome. Because the virome should not start interacting with that child until it starts to reach an age of resilient balance with the ecosystem. It needs to move from the mom’s vaginal flora type ecosystem. To an ecosystem of air that’s now breathed in for months. With food that now introduces new microbiome and bacterial diversification. Between 6 months, when that child starts to eat and 18 months. That child starts to have a real immune system. That immune system is an expression of balance with its ecosystem.

Anti-Vax? Or Something More

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

With that knowledge, I would ask any of you listening to say… Do we have the right argument that we are anti-vax? And I would say no. I think, in fact, the position of anti-vax is just as limiting as a pro-vaccine way system. I would ask all of us to rise above this argument. It is old. It is not scientifically-based anymore. We need to move beyond it and we don’t have time to wait.

It turns out, that if we don’t change the chronic disease epidemic pattern and the rate of infertility. We will go extinct in 60 to 80 years. We will reach a tipping point in the 8 years where that becomes an inevitable future. Literally, we don’t have 30 years to wait for this paradigm shift to happen.

I thank you, everybody, at London Real. I know how much effort must be going into this to make it a safe platform. To create freedom of speech here. Thank you. We need these channels to offer not a whistleblower soundtrack, not a crisis, and more paranoia. I’m trying to diffuse this all-time paranoia of the deep state or any of these other things that are being put out there. Don’t fear of 5G either. Is it healthy? No, of course not. It’s ridiculous. It’s the most severe radiation exposure we are going to put ourselves into.

Will there be disease that will emerge from that? Yes, there already is like cell phones are listed as a carcinogen by the WHO for decades now. So we know these cell phones are terrible for health. And yet, human behavior needs this level. I hope that we see, in the future, a technology that is based within the fiber optic network of the mycelium. And of our soil systems that recover rather than through radiation of the air.

Biomimicry – How The Future Will Rely On Tech

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

I’m very excited that we could see not just a realignment of medicine. Also, stop this very limited belief system about anti-vax and pro-vax. We need to move to a state where technology as a whole starts to align itself with Mother Nature. I guarantee you that the viruses and the fungi have the highest likelihood of showing you and your industry something amazing about your potential. If people start doing biomimicry with your transportation or energy or whatever technology you’re working with. You start to look at how fungi and viruses change communication networks. And how bacteria and fungi create this carbon material within the soils that we can extract. Then create communication networks. In our laboratory every day, I could just see communication reinstated in cell systems that are far more complex than cities.

I guarantee you that for your city and your means of power, that nature has a template of communication. If we imagine a world like that where we start to realign. Then we give our children, right now, the freedom to start to think creatively. This means we need to reduce their stress level. After a while, the creative part of their brain begins to turn on. If we will now hold space for our children, I guarantee you, this generation is ready to rethink everything. This generation of children is ready to radically change sociologic, ecological, and technological understructure and the beginnings, the whole thing. It will be reimagined.

But to do that, we are going to have to stop brainwashing them with our fear and our paranoia. We are going extinct, but we have the option to come off of our hospice diagnosis here. Then, we need to realign ourselves with biological vitality. Also, we are going to do it through biodiversification of soils and biodiversification of society. We are going to stop the monocultures and mono belief systems.

Cancer Settlement

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Brian Rose: Well, I hope you are right. We definitely got to shock the system. Which has made us all wake up and realize things we wouldn’t have normally seen. I mean let’s be honest. If this was just 2020, it would probably be business as usual. I mean you keep going off about Roundup. We just saw like what, a $10 billion settlement yesterday for potential cancer patients and like that would have been business as usual.

So it’s nice to see that at least we are having these conversations about what we need to do differently. I just worry that we are still in this fear paradigm. Then the vaccine is coming. Then next year, maybe this current virus will play itself out. But I don’t know if we have learned enough to make all these big adjustments. But maybe we have. Are you optimistic?

What We’ve Learned About This Pandemic

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: I don’t think we learned anything yet. I think we need to be in an attitude of curiosity and humility right now as a scientific community. We need to make sure we don’t pull our belief systems from the past into the current interpretation of what has just happened. If we do that, we will fail to learn anything and we will do something much worse next time. Because like I said, we just violated our ethos deeper than we’ve ever done it. We just tore the fabric of what it means to be a care provider in this country particularly. We have a crisis of identity at a deep soul level here as a scientific community.

And yes, there are voices rising all over the world right now from the scientific community saying we did it wrong. But it needs to not be a message that we did it wrong. It needs to be here’s the path. I would ask that all of us as scientists start to come together to say, “Let’s stop whistleblowing. Let’s stop screaming about the wrong data or the misled data.” The data was all incomplete and it was all misinterpreted. Yes, Yes, and Yes. But we don’t have time to bicker over that. We literally need to re-envision our immune system and our relationship with Mother Nature right now.

International Scientific Review Board

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

You can go to my website if you want. I’m starting, in the next months, the International Scientific Review Board. It’s a volunteer force of scientists, public health statisticians, and the rest to create an independent voice of science data. That can be happening in real-time. As a result, our next pandemic will be informed. The analysis and the interpretation of that statistical analysis are given an independent voice. We’ve seen deeply how intertwined special interests are. Especially the pharmaceutical industry is with our current NGO kind of environments of the WHO and the like.

We’ve seen the corruption of the media deeper than we’ve ever seen it. And we’ve seen the corruption of public health modalities in the same way. And it’s not corruption because of meanness. It’s not corruption because of evil. It’s corruption because of a narrowing perspective. The blinders are getting put on a deeper and deeper and entrenched belief system.

Physiological Rut

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Just as you run that cart along the soil long enough, you create a rot. We are in a psychological rot that is keeping us from seeing the terrain around us. And we need to extract ourselves from that rut. We need to stop abusing one another in the rot. If we keep saying the “WHOs” are idiots and Trump is an idiot and everybody is an idiot and it’s all stupid and they are all – Fauci is all trying to make money and blah, blah, blah, yes, yes, and yes. Everybody is trying to make money. We are all literally just trying to make some money and go through the process and do we get greedy? Of course. And do we get lazy and want more convenience and more fancy boats and cars? Yes, of course. All that happens.

But it’s not the problem. The problem is we are down in a rut. All of that is symptoms of the chaos of the blinders on. We need to extract ourselves. See this for the glory that are in. If you would allow me to move out of my science mind and more into just a bigger picture for a moment. With my hospice care experience. Sitting with hundreds and thousands of patients. Over the many years who are dying from any number of diseases.

Or just failing health at 105 years of age. Those patients get to demonstrate a birth at that moment that is so beautiful. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed as a physician is this thing that we call death. It has been demonized and fear-mongered just as the viruses have. And I can guarantee you that it’s the most beautiful thing that you will ever witness.

Rebirth, It Happens Moments Before Someone Is About To Die

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

I encourage all of you to go against what just happened. And when we see crisis happening to our elderly, rush to their bedside. Be with them and witness their rebirth. Because what is rebirthing? It’s not a biologic body. What is rebirthing is an energetic soul. Literally, you get to see an energetic awareness of consciousness that emerged from that person. They will say things in those last couple of minutes. It’s not uncommon that you see somebody in a coma in those last weeks of life. They suddenly wake up and in a moment of lucidity. Also, they will heal a relationship with an estranged family member. They will say, “I love you. I am sorry.” It is beautiful on this side and I’m moving into it with joy.

In those few words and then they go back to sleep and they pass away. In those few words, they engender that family now with a new sense of hope, and new healing that happens. Therefore, we need to take this death moment of our species and we need to speak wisely to one another. See that we are not just biological bodies that are failing on a planet that was failing its biology. We are actually spiritual beings on some level. I don’t care what level you can embrace that. Whether you have a God-type psychology or philosophy where you have just a naturalism state. It’s like we are all part of nature.

How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Dead

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Regardless, there is energy within these bodies that animate the cells. And if you’ve ever seen somebody who is dead, you don’t have to wonder if they are dead. It is literally the most obvious thing you’ve ever seen. When, as a physician, you’re asked to go to a bedside. To confirm a death, you have to go through a few steps. You have no respiratory rate, no heart rate, no pulse. That second of looking, you can see from 30 feet away. That person is dead because you could feel it in your energy field. You can feel that there’s a vacancy within that biology. And yet, it’s still 7 trillion cells. All the bacteria are still there, creating all the energy, producing all the life within that organism. The life is still there but the spirit is gone.

When we have that separation moment, it should really inform us about what it means to be alive. Also, having a body. We don’t have 7.8 billion bodies walking around this planet. We have 7.8 billion humans. And to be human is this union of spirit and body. We are animated, not with a biologic level, we are animated in the energy field. We are animated by the intention of life within the vacuum space that inhabits our bodies.

New State Of Awareness Of COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

I want to welcome you all into a new state of awareness. You step into life on the planet right now at the tipping point. I believe, has to mean you are a part of the solution. You are at the very least part of the rising awareness of consciousness. The consciousness of people that have self-annihilated themselves. Annihilated the biology and plane that they were gifted. In that annihilation, we have the opportunity to wake up and see that we are not here to fight over limited resources.

The planet is in an abundance of life. It will produce every bit as much energy and resources needed for species that come in to balance with it. The balance again is not going to be through vaccines. It’s not going to be through some medical technology. The balance is going to come through knowledge and connection to your education. Connection to new awareness, new systems of psychology, and philosophy. That will change our relationship to Mother Nature and we will reintegrate.

The solutions are vastly more important. They are vastly more universal than the argument over a vaccine. Or even the argument over new drugs or farming practices. Our only option now is to be on this patient and our rebirth. We will rebirth on the other side after our extinction regardless and we are going to expand. We will go back into our energy state as we let go of the species identity. But we could do it on this side of the veil. I get to see that happen on occasion.

Mindset Matters Most

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

In fact, six percent of some of our hospice patients given only three weeks to live, six months or less. Often three to four-week average. They will suddenly change their viewpoint and they will change their mentality. They suddenly recover and then we can see end-stage cancers or end-stage diseases of all sorts suddenly eat. We call them miracles. We don’t talk much about them because they are confusing. They throw us off and we don’t know how to deal with them. But I can guarantee you, it happens. There are miraculous, spontaneous recoveries from the end-of-life moment as we understand it. We could do that as a species if we allow ourselves to rise above the chaos of that rut.

Stop Pointing Fingers

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Brian Rose: I appreciate you bringing that up. This is a conversation we’ve had here with a few guests. This whole conversation about death and trying to have a real, honest conversation about what it really is. If you look at a lot of the behaviors on this planet. That maybe we are not always so proud of it. A lot of it probably stems from the fear of death. Or the fear of what we’ve been told death is. I think it’s a really powerful point you bring up.

I also agree that this is not the time. The time is over, maybe it was never here. To point the finger and to demonize and trivialize everything is not how we’re going to find the solutions. It’s never the way. And yet, we are seeing more of that everywhere right now and seems to even heighten in America. So that’s never the solution. That’s why we have these long-form conversations. Because honestly, what we are trying to do is to get everyone to see how we’re all the same really.

If you listen to someone for two hours, you can probably understand why they made all those decisions. You probably would have too in those situations, which means they are no different from you. We are actually, all the same, the same energy. We kind of want the same things. But we do kind of get caught up in sometimes. These very human characteristics of right and wrong and my paradigms and old science.

So yeah, I appreciate these thoughts, Zach. I really do. And I hope we can move forward. Use this as a moment of learning and rethinking why we do the things we do. So yeah, really powerful stuff. I’ve never thought about a lot of the concepts you brought up. About the microbiome and the virome and all these things. They’re really worth thinking about. I think people are starting to feel that some things have been flawed. About the way they’ve understood their own health and medicine and what we are doing with the environment. But it’s hard to put it all together.

Funny enough, this pandemic seems to have given a great example for you to say to everybody, “Look, everybody, this is all related. And can’t you see it now? Maybe we can take some actions.” So I hope it does.

I mean how the past 30 days been for you? Do you find – are you having highs and lows? Do you find that sometimes you’re getting demonized by people and sometimes you’re super optimistic? I’m just curious. How has your life been?

George Floyd

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: Yeah. I mean I feel a bit tossed around. You know by the ups and downs emotionally and all of that. I have a deep sense of heartbreak for humanity right now. And our misunderstanding of what’s going on. I have a deep degree of heartbreak for the health care industry that has really rocked me at moments. I have a real crisis of hope for humanity just seeing how slow things are to change.

But then at the same time, George Floyd’s murder is somehow buried in this hope for me of here is the witness of one death. We see people are killed every day in domestic violence, police violence, and everything else by the tens of thousands. There’s so much death and dying on the surface of the planet. But for some reason, there was a moment of consciousness as a world. That when we witness these 8 minutes of death, we all got to see a hospice moment there. You got to see a death. And 5 minutes into that death, he calls for his mother.

In my experience with the hospice bed. He was having a conversation with his mother for those last 3 minutes that we didn’t get to hear. His mother was with him. I’m very confident. She – maternal energy is an eternal thing I think. There is no way that in the vast universe of energy could have not heard her son’s cry at that moment. I’m very confident that while the rest of us failed to rush to his side, she showed up.

In that reality that we can’t see on the other side of that veil is a story of reconciliation that we are feeling inside of us now. We don’t understand why we have new hope about hundreds of years of suppression of black people all over the world enslaved in all parts of empires before us. Why are we feeling this new hope? It’s because we got to witness a mother showing up.

Brian Rose: That’s a powerful observation. I think there really is something to think about that. I think maybe people don’t even know what they witnessed but they know they witnessed something important and special there.

Witnessing Death

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: It’s a very, very blessed and a humbling gift to be a witness to a transition of death. The world had a very sacred role and being witnessed to that man’s death. We don’t understand it because we haven’t been explained. There is no memo that is put out. There is no media burst on how to come into a sacred space of death and dying appropriately. No explanation for what emotions you’re going to experience, what spiritually aligns within you. You don’t know what has happened.

8 Minutes That Changed Everything

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Within that witness of that 8 minutes and I would encourage anybody who hasn’t seen it (Just do you know I, Jed Kobernusz, cannot find this video and don’t know why) to watch it. Watch it with a new mind. If you’ve watched it before with horror, watch it now with a sacred mind. Watch a mother enter the scene. See if you can’t feel the moment that that mother enters that scene and the peace that might come upon him. The change in the attitude of the people and everything else.

Somebody was filming that. And in filming that, they have the peace to continue. Instead of running or instead of picking up rocks and throwing the police. There is quite a natural peace to just continue to shoot the scene. To leave an uninterrupted documentation of this experience. We’ve seen so many interrupted segments, little pieces of police brutality and shootings, and everything else. There was a peace in that environment that was inexplicable. I think that it has to do with the moment of reconciliation and healing at a deep, deep soul level of this species now. As we start to understand that suppression of any one of us is a suppression of our own collective consciousness.

Life Matters

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

When somebody says black lives matter, we are obviously speaking to life matters and oppression of anything. Whatever we’ve done to the African-American in the United States pales in comparison to what we’ve done to our native peoples. The first nation people here in the United States, our native tribes, and nations that are still with us today are so further abused. So more neglected and so more under a systematic and systemic corrupt system than even our African-Americans are.

Life matters and we are not going to know that until we come into these sacred moments of deaths. As a population, I hope that we just got witness to death in a different way. Then the few hundred thousand people that died around the world from COVID pales in comparison to the 1.8 million people that will die this year just from lung cancer. Just lung cancer, 1.8 million.

Changing Focus

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

There are so many more people dying than of COVID. COVID is a tiny little piece of death on the planet. And yet, just as George Floyd as one instance focused our attention to change our consciousness. My deep hope is that this pandemic was the first global meditation. On that the state of affairs of human health and as a cross-section with environmental health. And in that meditation, in that collective focus, we can finally change our behavior against Mother Nature. We can end global warming and our climate change crisis by the same mentality. The same practices that we bring our health into realignment.

Brian Rose: It’s a fantastic message. Thank you, Zach. I really appreciate all of this. I’m going to have to take a few hours and digest all of this stuff. I really appreciate that. How can we find out more about what you’re doing, about this panel you’re setting up? Is the website the best or where can people go?

Where To Find Dr. Zach Bush

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Dr. Zach Bush: Yeah, It’s Z-A-C-H and B-U-S-H, At the top, there’s a banner that will take you to the petition if you would sign that Child Health and Immunity of Vaccination petition. It’s not anti-vax. It’s a pro-new paradigm. We need that new paradigm to emerge. If you could sign that for me, we are trying to collect 100,000 signees. We start to really change legislative, funding and processes with this new committee. So be a part of that revolution.

For more on carbon communication and ecosystems and human health, you can take a look at The product is widely available in the UK through one of our distributors there. It’s not a product. It’s science. We are trying to put ourselves out of business as fast as possible. We don’t believe that we should have to supplement soil into our food system. That’s what we are doing right now. We are taking ancient soils and then attacking them from the new end. Instead, we take the dollars that we are making from that and we are channeling it into root cause solutions including our nonprofit, Farmer’s Footprint. You can go to There you’ll see how we are helping the conventional farmers understand how to transition from chemical to regenerative agriculture. In turn that will fundamentally change the health of the planet to prevent the next pandemic.,, and will get you all of that science and understanding how you can start to interact differently with your world.

Brian’s Summary

COVID-19 Microbiome Soil Health

Brian Rose: Wow! It’s fantastic stuff. Again, if anyone is watching us right now, please share this episode via the sidebar. We will clip up this episode into 15 different small pieces and they will be available for download below. If you want to post this on your Instagram or social media anywhere, please do. Help us get this word out. Again, we are doing this on the Digital Freedom Platform. Therefore, it means it’s trickier to get into the places but it can be done. So with everyone’s help, we can do that.

Zach, fantastic to meet you and do this conversation. Next time, let’s do it in person, either get you here or I’ll come out to the States. And I really appreciate your message. It’s so important. And it’s great to see you look at everything as a system.

One of my favorite classes at MIT was called Systems Engineering where you look at everything as one. It’s the same thing whether it’s an electrical system or a physical system or fluid system. It’s all one system and it has a lot of the same characteristics. Fascinating the way you are looking at media, education, military, and all that as if nature would be there as well. I really appreciate your insights and that message that we need to be less divisive and stop pointing fingers and find a new solution. That’s so important.

Hard to see past that in the next few months because we’ve really gone that way. I know there’s a lot of pain and uncertainty out there. But this is the time to heal. We need to have that Nelson Mandela moment. It’s where we all move forward as opposed to pointing fingers to the past. I hope you could spark that. So I really appreciate you and thanks for your thoughts, Zach.

Dr. Zach Bush: It is such an honor to be with you. Thank you for your time and the insight that you bring to this platform. Thank you.

Brian Rose: It has been a crazy couple of months. However, I really believe that the free open dialogue is how we make progress. It has been the history of humanity when we can debate ideas and then make intelligent decisions. So that’s what we are trying to do here. It just seems right to me so we are going to do it no matter what. And that means we can have these great conversations.

Again, I think the medium is the message. So just knowing we are not censored. Means we can really maybe talking away we would normally be able to talk and I think that’s so important. So yeah, great having you on here. I hope everyone enjoyed that message. Like I said, next time we will do this in person, Zach.

For everybody out there, thank you so much for tuning in. Please share this with your friends. Ask them to give this a listen and see if maybe they will have some new ideas and they will come at things with maybe a different vibe and less fear, more love, more hope. Yeah, more togetherness.

All the best to you, Zach. And next time, let’s do this in person. All right?

Dr. Zach Bush: Thank you. Thank you for the time.

Brian Rose: All right. Thanks so much. Thanks everybody. We will see you next time on London Real. Take care.

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