Core workout for the weary
If you are looking for a beginner core workout then look no further. This also can be a core workout for runners. In this core workout for the weary video I will show you some different ways to work your core and have fun at the same time! This may require weights, but that is us to YOU. This can be a core workout no equipment if you want it to be. I created this WOD for anyone and everyone to increase your energy, endurance and confidence.

Core Workout For The Weary…

is a great name for this one because I think we are ALL weary about overworking our core and hurting our lower backs. Well, don’t fret… Let pain be your guide for all exercises you do and you will never hurt yourself again!

This one can be as hard as you want it to be LOL…

Here we go:

1-6 Rounds

  • Step Throughs- 20 reps
  • Full Body Extension- 20 reps
  • MTN. Climbers- 40 reps total
  • Body U’s- 20 reps total
  • Bridges- 30 reps total

Have fun with with this one!

Seriously, if you don’t have fun let me know… 🙂

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Also if you have any questions be sure to watch the video below, I go through each exercise and how to execute it in a safe manner and I show modifications!

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And Always Remember…

If you are willing to change from the neck up, then you WILL change from the neck down!

I believe in YOU!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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