Completing Enthusiastic Measures MonthlyCompleting Enthusiastic Measures Monthly is something that not everyone can do. Not everyone can literally just into enthusiastically measure yourself or try that hard, but sometimes when you have a coach, a person helping you along with it (like myself) that makes all the difference.

Every time that you’re trying to lose weight. What is happened?

You lose willpower!


Really, when it comes down to it, you need to think about what that looks like.

You need to really think about when you lose your willpower, because you know what’s going to happen…

You and I both know what’s going to happen…

You need to really have this coach, this person that can help you. A person that will always be there for you.

And when this happens (I didn’t say IF I said WHEN) your willpower has gone you better hope that you have the tools to keep going.

Today’s WOD is that very good tool for measuring progress. You will you time as your measurement. Time is one of those things you can always go back and work on. Time is something that you can always Always ALWAYS rely on being true.

That’s why we do it monthly. It’s a big deal that every 4 weeks you test yourself you get these measurements, and then we go from there and see what is working.

Ask yourself “What isn’t working?” and as a coach that’s what I could help you do.

Give that a shot…

See what happens…

What’s the worst that can happen?

You might actually get to where you wanted to be!

You might have THE body when you look in the mirror!

Looking really good and feeling really good…

That can happen alright, YOU choose this reality. It’s up to you completely…

So with that, my offer to you today is WOD #77 and you’re going to be completing active measurements.

And we’re hopefully going to do this monthly if you want to my client, and I’m going to hold you to it.

So we’re going to get this done. If you’re not one of my client, then enjoy.

Alright, give it a shot…

See what you can do on your own…

I am more than happy to have you do this on your own. It’s okay. That means you’re independent.

Nice work…

So here it is…

WOD #77 Completing Enthusiastic Measures Monthly

This one is For TIME…

How fast can you get done?

  • 30 Push ups
  • 40 Sit-Ups
  • 50 Squats


If we cannot measure your GROWTH, then we CANNOT grow it!!

Let me know what your time is!! 🙂

The video below shows you modifications for each exercise.

Also, Google is a MASSIVE place for information. Go Here to see what it has to offer on today’s topic.

PLUS, don’t forget to see the latest Talk Therapy Session. THIS one helped me flip a switch from not wanting to do ANYTHING to being excited about life, in only 30 minutes!

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