Workout Of The Day #38

Common Hip Opening Movements

Common Hip Opening Movements

Do you like to do yoga? Do you have an uneasy feeling with it? Well maybe try this WOD before you go and spend a bunch of money on those yoga pants and classes…

Many videos will show you a yoga hip opener sequence with many benefits. That’s what I would say you will find with this WOD that I created, but better 😉

Hip openers can give you an emotional release. I know as a guy that might not be at the top of my list, but it is very important for your health to be in tune with your emotions. Hip openers for beginners can really help this process. The WOD for today is modified for beginners to advanced. Watch the video below for those modifications.

Last but not least these common hip opening movements help with lower back pain and gait alignment. Let’s get going and give this a shot. Here it is:

WOD #38 Common Hip Opening Movements

6 Rounds

  • Clam Shell- 20 reps per side
  • Plank Taps- 20 reps total
  • Prisoner Squat- 20 reps
  • Lateral Lunge- 10 reps

This one is pretty good, if I don’t say so myself! LOL

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