Changes Happen Choices Are ChosenChanges happen choices are chosen. Have you ever heard that before? Does that even make sense?  This mindset coaching article will clear it all up if that doesn’t make sense already.

Throughout the day there are many things happening without us even realizing it. Most of it really doesn’t matter. However, there is a small percentage that does. One percent to be exact. Focus on what you can control and forget what you can’t. Changes happen choices are chosen.

If there’s one thing that I know will happen more than the sun coming up tomorrow, it’s that change is happening every single moment. The world keeps on turning and it revolves around us. Because we don’t always feel like life is going our way we forget that the world moves on with or without us. Tunnel vision can be a paralyzing state of being.

Gary Vaynerchuk says this often…

Stop Focusing On Dumb Shit

Because of that very statement I’ve changed my outlook on what I focus on. Therefore each day is full of happiness and joy.

When you realize that changes happen and choices are chosen it’s like the movie The Matrix. You’ll wake up and come out of the cage. As a result, the hoses will come off and you’ll start to live your life from a different perspective. Seeing all of your thoughts without judgment. Meaning that within yourself is the only place that you can control.

It only takes you going within yourself all moments of the day. Creating your life can seem a little overwhelming at first. Being one hundred percent ok with where you are from all dimensions of health and wellness will make it all happen. Accepting your purpose will clear your head. Don’t know what your purpose is? Start doing many different things and only repeat the ones that make you crazy happy.

Changes happen choices are chosen will be carved into your brain so that new neurological connections will fire and wire in. The ones that lead to unhappiness will unfire and unwire. The rest of the world will eventually catch up to you. In addition to all of the people who will complement your outer appearance, they will ask you what you’re doing to look so different. The consistency is the real key.

You choose to either get at least one round done each day or not. That choice has the biggest ripple effect. I remember my opinion use to not matter when it came to food or exercise. However, when I started to lead by full example and stop giving a crap what other people thought of me, I was living. I didn’t need anyone else’s put downs to get me down. I did that very well to myself. Until I started accepting who I was and my life changed forever.

You can’t unsee what you see when it comes to the inner work. Sure, there are stepbacks and mistakes. I crave those mistakes. Losing is my favorite thing and has been for the longest time. Ever since I was a kid I’ve always loved watching movies that had the underdog story. The underrated person, place or thing that didn’t have any business being where they were. To then come out on top.

Please, underestimate me. When I show up and knock your sox off with the amount of audacity and grit, you’ll realize that I’m not going anywhere. Showing up is half the battle. I show up every single damn day of the year. It’s only because it’s my life’s purpose to show the world how to be consistent and that consistency is greater than intensity.

To be real honest, I AM purpose. For the first time in my life, I stand and am 100% excited for me. My family comes first, but I can only be the best version of myself when I am 100% happy. Thinking about what makes me work on myself makes so happy. The consistency is the secret sauce.

Everything is mind over matter. Your mind and your heart working together are the powerhouses of your being. Mind-body coherence is the name of your heart and mind working together. Dr. Joe Dispenza has dedicated his life to bring awareness to it. Changes happen choices are chosen is the premise of that. I am grateful for all of my mentors, whether they know they are mentoring me or not. The internet has opened up pandora’s box and we get to choose what we take in for information.

Our grandparents only had one thing on their minds. Survival. Seeing the end of the day only to start again tomorrow doing the same thing was all they knew. Changes happened, but they didn’t choose to be different. There is no judgment with that. It’s just the truth. They didn’t have the contextual understanding that so many of us have today. I don’t claim to know anything about anything except for when it comes to the mind and body.

When people look at me like I’m nuts after I tell them what I’ve been doing since 2006 I know I’m on the right path. Being crazy isn’t bad, it’s being different in a way that benefits everyone. Including yourself. Meanwhile, you’re affecting more people than you know because of your choices, good, bad or otherwise. Choose from a place of happiness and joy. That’s what I wish for you.

To sum up, this article about changes happen choices are chosen. 99% of the time, choose happiness. Even the losses have happiness in them. Choosing to find it is your choice either way. Get your WOD done with a smile on your face and see what that feels like on a daily basis. Your inner world will start to match your outer world.

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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Changes Happen Choices Are Chosen | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #281

1-6 Rounds
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Doorway Row – 20 Reps Each Side
  • YTWL – Row 5 Reps Each Letter
  • Dead Bug Opposite Arm + Leg (Lying On Back) – 20 Reps
  • L-Sits – Hold 10 Seconds

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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