Cardio Motions Performed FearlesslyFear is one of those things that we let stop us right in our paths. Today’s WOD is all about Cardio Motions Performed Fearlessly.

The picture I chose for WOD #81 is a picture of a monkey staring a cobra snake right in the face. I think we ALL could try to do that at one time in our lives…

Just so we are clear, I’m talking about staring our FEAR right in the face not a cobra snake.

Who’s crazy enough to do something like that? NOT this guy LOL.

As humans we get stuck with the HOW…

If we don’t know HOW to do something we simply stop. Then if we think about “changing” we start to think and the fear takes over.

What if I can’t do it?

What If I get hurt?

What IF? What IF? What IF?

We can only measure what we will lose because we have been taught to take as minimal risk as possible. Past experiences tell us what we will lose.

We don’t ever focus on what we COULD gain.

What if I CAN do it?

What if I get STRONGER?

What IF? What IF? What IF?

See the difference.

Cardio motions performed fearlessly is like staring a cobra in the face. Sometimes we simply don’t move because we are scared. We might be scared of being bitten or poisoned.

We ARE poisoned…


If you think that commercials on TV aren’t poison then, tell that to anyone who has bought a late night infomercial “program”.

AND I bet that “program” is on the shelf collecting dust.

What IF you simply tried today’s WOD without fear?

I found this workout from

I figured I would put my own spin on it and make a video. Watch below and see what it’s all about.

Cardio motions performed fearlessly may be the title of this post/WOD but it’s more than that…

It’s a way of life…

So my offer to you today is to take all motions and perform them without fear.

So here it is…

WOD #81 Cardio Motions Performed Fearlessly

3-7 Rounds

  • 20 Jumping Ts
  • 20 Butt Kicks
  • 20 Floor Taps
  • 20 Lunges
  • 20 Donkey Kicks
  • 20 Shoulder Taps
  • 10 lowering drills
  • 10 scissors
  • 10 side scissors

I actually had a TON of fun doing this one!!

I ALWAYS have fun, but this one made me feel like I had a BUNCH of energy after doing it!

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