Cardio Legs And Muscle GrowthCardio legs and muscle growth sometimes I think that we don’t work enough legs and when we do work we think our muscles are going to get way too big.

So today let’s talk about muscle growth. When we lift weights or we do any kind of resistance training and ladies this means you too, but you are missing a key component for that to happen.

That component is testosterone. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what you’re really in fear of…

My opinion is not only for you ladies and you fellas is that muscle growth will happen we’re just not ready for it yet. When I did lose the weight, as a child, it was because I was tricked into it. My body changed from the food I was eating. It had changed quite a bit.

I was moving my body everyday not in a way of fear and then the muscle growth will happen. This is something you need to embrace and if you don’t want to embrace it that that’s okay…

You’re going to do cardio legs and muscle growth will happen. You just gotta be ready for it. Prepare yourself mentally and move from a place of inspiration versus a place of desperation.

You may be ready to do all of this or none of this because…

But give yourself permission to do it or not…

I hope you though ūüėČ

So if you are ready, then let’s get to it…

WOD #89 Cardio Legs And Muscle Growth

10-15 Minutes

1 minute intervals

  • Basic Squat
  • Rotate Stationary Lunge
  • Wide Feet Side Lunge w/ Toe Touch
  • Side Kicks

Rest 1 minute after completing the above…

Have fun!!

In the VIDEO below, I show you exactly what this WOD looks like…

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