Cardio HIIT Loves FatPeople ask me all the time about how to burn fat the fastest. Today’s WOD is THE way. Cardio HIIT Loves Fat by creating what is called EPOC or After Burn.

When you get your heart rate above 84% of your maximum heart rate for 12-20 minutes you create after burn. What that means is that your body will burn and extra 300-600 calories in the next 24-36 hours without doing anything.

Now our bodies burn calories anyway, but EXTRA calories?!! Why not?!!

Today’s WOD is ALL about it. Creating something like after burn with cardio HIIT.

HIIT Stands for:





Cardio HIIT Loves Fat doesn’t mean high impact. Cardio hiit ideas come from all directions. You can find cardio hiit workout for fat loss on YouTube, but be careful your sources. That’s where I come in. Today’s WOD and video come with modifications.

Today’s WOD is the best hiit workout for fat loss. Notice I didn’t say weight loss, hiit specifically burns fat from your body. That’s why I named it Cardio HIIT Loves Fat because HIIT does LOVE fat. It LOVES to EAT it away. Also why I chose to use the yellow “Pac Man” to show you what it likes to eat.

The foods that usually cause us to get fat. Sugar, salty snacks and chocolate… LOL

So go work that off with WOD #85…

WOD #85 Cardio HIIT Loves Fat

1-3 Rounds

  • * 12 Heel Hits
    * 30 Jump Jacks
    * 20 Mtn. Climbers
    * 12 Heel Hits
    * 30 Jump Jacks
    * 20 Plank Tucks
    * 12 Heel Hits
    * 30 Jump Jacks
    * 20 Shoulder Taps

The above is ONE round!!

Now repeat that 2-3 more Rounds!!

Ready, Set, GOOOOOO!!!

Remember, in the video below I show you exactly what this looks like…

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