Cardio FatBurn Mental BreakthroughHave you ever thought that cardio takes forever? Well today’s WOD provides a quick way to get your cardio fatburn mental breakthrough and plenty more. The BEST part is that it only takes about fifteen minutes to achieve ALL of that.

By the time you get to WOD #103, IF you have started at WOD #1, you may be hitting a weight loss plateau. That’s ok, but you get to decide for how long. Plateau weight loss is an exact art and being aware of it is something I specialize in.

Many of my clients have gotten to this point and have asked me this question a TON of times:

Why Have I stopped losing weight?

The simple answer is that your body has adapted to what you are doing. That’s the beautiful thing about the body. It works SO hard to stay in what’s called homeostasis. Our bodies try to stay in a constant balance.

So what are your choices to breakthrough this plateau…

  1. Continue to the same things you are doing and achieve the same results (Which is the definition of insanity)
  2. You can google ways to breakthrough a plateau and try to figure ALL of that out yourself (Which can be intimidating with ALL of the choices out there)
  3. Allow me to help you figure out your patterns which may include intermittent fasting, taking a look at the bmi calculator, looking at bodybuilding movements and modifying them for YOUR body.

Either way, I think #1 is out of the question, but people do it ALL the time.

#2 is ALL you. I’m good with that. Keep going and good luck. I believe in YOU, now it’s your turn to start believing in yourself.

So the choice is yours. If you want to go with #3 let’s chat. Hit me up with an email at [email protected]. We can get started right away.

So let’s get to today’s WOD. I may seem a little nuts, but THAT is what it takes sometimes to get to the place you want to be. Basically working OUTSIDE your comfort zone IS where all the MASSIVE cardio, fatburn and mental breakthroughs happen.

Here we go…

WOD #103 Cardio FatBurn Mental Breakthrough

  • 200 Burpees For Time!!

That’s all!! ūüėČ

You Got This!

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In the Video below I show you exactly what to do, WITH modifications.

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