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Question #1

Does doing cardio make you old faster?

Doing cardio for long periods of time it creates these things in your body called free radicals. They basically damage the cells in your body and can actually speed up aging. There are plenty of cardio benefits, but cardio for losing weight hasn’t always been explained to us before.

Let me explain…

Image you have a ball with “burs” on them and attach to all of your cells in your body. These balls deteriorate the cells after periods of time. This is what doing long bouts of cardio can do to you.
There is a reason why Ultramarathoners look the way they do. I am not saying don’t do that if that is something you love to do. My thoughts on that is you will do damage to your body with this kind of cardio.

You should limit your cardio to 30 minutes maximum if you do interval training or what’s call HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). This can be one of many anti ageing home remedies.

Question #2

What about having sore muscles the day after exercise and what does a person do about it?

Muscle soreness is very common. Especially delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Muscle soreness is something that is common and you cannot get away from it. DOMS happens 2 days after the exercise session. Muscle soreness relief comes with time. Don’t be discouraged with your muscles hurting so much. It is VERY common!

Muscle soreness is a good thing. Now if you are having joint pain that is not good. It you experience pain in your neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees and/or ankles STOP what you are doing. That kind of pain means there is an imbalance somewhere in the joint. It can also mean the joint is not ready for the “load” you are putting on it.

You may try stretching to help reduce the soreness but ultimately time is really what makes it go away. If you are sore from a Monday workout and its Wednesday, push through it, but be very mindful of what kind of pain and or soreness is present.

Question #3

What is my opinion on spinning VS. Stationary or Upright Bike?

The Spin Bike itself is made for standing up and pedaling, unlike the stationary bike or Upright bike where you cannot stand on those pedals because they are not rated for that much pressure. The spin bike pedals are rated for standing and with that you get more of a caloric burn because you are standing. Again, the caveat being 30 minutes maximum. The other thing I see people doing is “hot” classes. Where you are in a room with the heat turned on at a high temp. Just because you are sweating more doesn’t mean you burn more calories. If your outcome is weight loss then the “hot” classes are not a necessity.

Heart rate is where you want to focus. Get your heart rate above 84% of your maximum heart rate. To you find your maximum heart rate take 220 – Age. Then take that number and multiply it by .84

For example if Jimmy is 30 years old his maximum heart rate is 190. Take 190*.84 which equals 160.

To get the most out of your cardio session you want to get to that point for 12-20 minutes. That increase your EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption). Aka your bodies ability to burn calories without moving. If you achieve the 12 to 20 minutes at that heart rate your body burns an extra 300-500 for the next 24-36 hours by doing nothing at all! Who wouldn’t want to burn 300-500 calories by doing nothing?!! I sure would!!

A shorter explanation is this, the more oxygen you use the higher your metabolism burns.

Question #4

What can I do to stop the boredom from happening with my exercise routine?

I have ADHD, this happens to me all the time. That is why I create daily WODs (Workout Of The Day). I incorporate jumping, boxing moves, push-ups l, sit-ups, squats, etc. I incorporate an array of exercises that I find or make up or create. There are so many people out there that board with their routine. Chest, shoulders and triceps on one day and legs, back and biceps on the other. That can get boring pretty quick. I originally did this for myself and decided one day to share them and put them up so I can help others with this same problem.

The best way to harness in on the changes is muscle confusion. Constantly be working different exercises almost every day.

If you want you can have 120 WODs, that I have created, emailed to you one at a time. All you need to do is SIGN UP HERE and confirm your subscription and I send them out.

Thank you for everyone who allows me to help!

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Cardio Anti-Aging And Boredom

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