THE Exercise Physiology Show- Episode #2

 Exercise After A C-Section And Love Handles –

Or Any Major Surgery

C-Section And Love Handles

I had two questions for the show…

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Question #1

What do I consider when being careful after three C-Sections or any major surgery?


Basically comes down to this, for any surgery or specifically c-sections, first get cleared by your primary doctor. Then realize the cold hard truth here which is exercises that involve your abdomen will probably always be painful. I have friends of the family that still have pain in that area 16 years AFTER they have had their children.


Exercise after a c-section and love handles are the most sought out place to work, but the truth is that your body takes the fat away from where IT wants to, not where YOU want it to. If that were the case I would be a gazillionaire because I would just have EVERYONE I work with do an EXACT spot training movement and I could charge a hefty bill to do so, but I cannot. Why? Because you CANNOT spot train your body.


Always let pain be your guide. It does not matter what kind of surgery you have had whether it is a C-section, total knee replacement, total shoulder replacement. The “No Pain No Gain” rule does NOT apply EVER! I say this, “No Pain No Gain You’re INSANE”. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise either. You can still go running after a C-section, you can still do squats/jump squat and you can still do the dreaded burpees. You can do whatever exercise you want to reduce your tummy after a c section, any surgery really. Simply let pain be your guide.


She also asked if she should avoid the plank. I would NOT avoid planking. It’s not going to hurt you to give the plank a shot. Nowadays what we have for pain can be in our head. We GET to choose how we perceive pain. Pain isn’t just physical anymore. Today’s day and age we are more open to more holistic ways of healing. Pain can be mental and emotional too. Be aware of how you speak to yourself. Self-awareness is HUGE. Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, I bet you he had a tremendous amount of self-awareness when he was in the running for Mr. Universe.


I had one of my co-workers try a High Plank Twist when she thought she couldn’t do it. She right away didn’t want ANYTHING to do with it because she saw the words High Plank Twist and said: “I can’t do that”. Well, she tried it and DID it! Just the word CAN’T held her back. That what happens to ALL of us when we think we CAN’T.


To sum up the question:


  1. Let Pain Be Your Guide when it comes to exercise after ANY surgery starting Safe, Slow, Gentle and listen to any symptoms of pain, burning or pulsing of pain.


  1. Keep your Belief Systems in check and Give Yourself Permission to try it.


— Second and Last SideBar (I Promise) —

A Plank on your knees is still a really GREAT start! What’s the worst that could happen? You get it done without pain? Or maybe you DO have pain, then you KNOW!!


Question #2


How Do I Lose Body Fat Specifically The “Love Handles”?

(His question is specifically for Body Building, but it can be answered the same way for everyone)


You have to ask yourself these questions…

How serious am I? How fast am I trying to achieve this?


There is NO quick way! Let me repeat that. There is NO QUICK WAY! My way isn’t the sexiest, but it’s the most PERMANENT! You can try everything you want for 21 days this and 6 week challenge that, but if I were you I would get a 2 subject notebook. The first subject would be for your body. The second subject would be for your mind. The mind section is for mindset and write to yourself DAILY. Check out my post about “Before You Change Start Here”. The Body subject would have an exercise section. That way you know how you are doing for weight, reps and time. That is why I create daily WODs. If you are going for a quicker result I suggest you double the amount of what I create.


Most important part… Ready for it? Food Intake


If you are VERY serious you want to keep track of your MACROS aka Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. If you are not keeping track of this for 30 days or more, then you probably are not going to go anywhere but UP on the scale. Cold hard truth, sorry. That’s just how I roll.


It’s more nutrition then it is exercise. You have to choose the right foods. I ask all my clients to at least give the WOD program a look at and email me ([email protected]) a 3 day food journal when I first start working with them. That way I exactly what your habits are. If you are looking for exact exercises for the “Love Handles” I just posted a Workout Of The Day for the Muffin Top… GO HERE to check that out!

So that’s it… (For Now 😉 )

Was this helpful? Feel free to share with your friends if you got value. I would love to hear from you to know which part hit you the most.

Always remember…

If you are willing to change from the neck up,
then you WILL change from the neck down!

I believe in YOU!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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