Burning Calories Versus Using CaloriesOn today’s episode of THE #Physiology Show I talk about Burning Calories Versus Using Calories. When in history is it a good thing to BURN yourself? And why in the heck would you want to do that?

In the episode I go over why is not good to burn calories…

Basically it’s about how your mind takes in information. Have you ever reached over a hot stove and burned yourself? I sure have and I was NOT a pleasant experience. My mind now has that tattooed into my memory bank is a BAD experience.

Same goes with Burning Calories.

That might explain why people don’t like to exercise. My intuition and experience tells me there’s more, but this could be a start.

Changing the way a person approaches exercise starts in the mind…

Instead of burning calories, why not USE them.

When our bodies USE calories it makes more sense conceptually. Same goes for taking IN calories.

If we take IN more calories than we USE, then we GAIN weight. If we USE more calories than we take IN, then we LOSE weight.

Get it?

If not watch the video below and hit me up at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Burning Calories Versus Using Calories | THE #Physiology Show Episode 16 (I say 14 in the video, but couldn’t remember what episode what it was LOL)

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