Sometimes we have dreams that feel SO real that when you wake up it’s hard not to believe that dream didn’t happen. Bridging Inner Outer Gap aka WOD #176 will test your inner thoughts and bring your outer world a better experience.

Because our dreams happen on a WAY different brain level than our waking movements, our bodies don’t know any different. Just like our bodies don’t know if it is a holiday or a weekend. So why do we treat those days SO differently?

I bring these points up because WOD #176 will help you bridge your inner and outer gap about your physical capabilities. The bridge exercise or “movement” as I like to call them, is one that has MANY benefits to it…

It strengthens your lower back, hamstrings and glutes (your Butt 😉 ). It also helps a part of the core that no one really even knows exists. It’s called your transverse abdominis… Yeah a little sciencey right?

Well the transverse abdominis is an important muscle to keep your lower lumbar spine strong and in tact. The bridge movement is perfect for that and the best part is that you don’t even need ANY equipment to do it.


Your belief to bring the inner you out to the world takes practice. Therefore I’ve created this WOD to give you the opportunity to bridge your inner beliefs as well as your outer physical capabilities.

So here we go…

WOD #176 Bridging Inner Outer Gap

Warm-up – 5 Minutes Cardio

1-6 Rounds

Reps: 100

  • Bridges

Cool Down – 5 deep breaths in Down Dog Pose

Have Fun!

You Got This!

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