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BMI And Body Fat Percentage

BMI And Body Fat Percentage

I record in the car because this is when I have time to record. We all live busy and productive lives.

What’s the difference between BMI and Body Fat Percentage?

When I go to the doctor for my annual physical they tell me that my BMI is close to obese, but my body does not reflect that.

BMI is your height and weight and it gives you a number of what that is. I’m 5 foot 9 inches at 185 lbs. My BMI is 27.3. But my Body Fat Percentage is always between 10-12 percent. HERE is a pretty good BMI calculator, but you really don’t need it. 😉

MORE info on on BMI and Body Fat Percentage HERE

The insurance companies use BMI, in my opinion, because it’s the easiest number to gather with the least amount of error, but that doesn’t always mean the number reflects your correct physic.

Body Fat Percentage gives you more detail about what tissues you are carrying. When you are looking at BMI you still would need to know it because after a person is more then 50% body fat, BMI is the ONlY way to measure progress.

Americans are getting close to an average of 25% for males and 32% for females! The normal body fat percentage for males is 20 percent or less and for females is 25 percent or less.

So let’s take a look at how to understand body fat percentage.

So I am 185 pounds with 10% body fat. That means I a carrying 18.5 pounds of body fat. That’s not to bad. I will definitely take that. Your internal organs have to have some fat for stored use. The least amount a person can have is 3%. Athletes have 3-5%. Athletes like Michael Jordan, Danica Patrick, Adrian Peterson, Jo Mauer Etc.

The reason I bring that up is because a lot of people get caught up on weight and height. I did an entire blog post on WHAT WEIGHS MORE MUSCLE OR FAT, GO HERE to check that out.

If you are losing weight, great! You should also be losing inches too!!

If you are not losing both at the same time, we needs talk. Those kinds of shifts need to be happening in order to find permanent changes.

With all of these changes it’s 80% nutrition (the food you throw down your throat) 10% exercise (or movement) and 10% genetics (what you are made of from your Mom and Dad).

I haven’t always been on the receiving end of having all this figured out. A little over a year ago I was still trying to put exercise a poor diet. It sucks because you work SO hard at the gym or at home, but it is literally what you eat. It’s just that simple. If you put “energy” (food) in your body you have to burn it off.

If you put energy into your body that your body knows what to do with your body will use that and get rid of it a lot faster. For example fresh foods will be processed WAY faster than let’s say food with an expiration date of 2 yeasts from now. Your body doesn’t know what to do with that because there are a ton of chemicals to keep that food good. So that food gets stored as fat.

So choose foods that have 3 month or 6 months AT MOST expiration dates. Fresh foods like meat, fruits and vegetables are your best bet for foods that your body know how to “use” properly.

After gaining that skill you can take your health and wellness to your next vision, goal and/or dream.

I’m addicted to feeling good. If I eat a bowl of ice cream, the next day I feel like a drank a 12 of beer or more. I feel way hung over!

Another little “switch” I found is use honey instead of syrup on pancakes or waffles. It is REALLY awesome!!

Make sure it is all natural honey. Buying the artificial stuff isn’t any better than putting on chemically syrup. 🙂

I also put peanut butter on them too!! Again make sure it is all natural peanut butter. The hydrogenated oils have been proven to lead to heart disease.

I appreciate you taking the time let me help you work on you. Because really if you don’t take care of you, how are you suppose to take care of those around you?

Also, I say this ALL THE TIME, but I MEAN it! I believe in YOU!

Was this post about BMI And Body Fat Percentage helpful? Feel free to share with your friends if you got value. I would love to hear from you to know which part hit you the most.

Always remember…

If you are willing to change from the neck up, then you WILL change from the neck down!

I believe in YOU!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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