Being Brave Or AfraidThere comes a time when you start to feel good about yourself. Meanwhile, the self-sabotage starts too. Are you being brave or afraid when that happens? This mindset coaching article will challenge your thoughts about the process of vulnerabilities.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was going down an unhealthy path that I knew I had to change my approach. Meaning that as health care provider I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. For example, a dentist with bad teeth would be a hypocrite for telling you to brush and floss every day. So if I were saying to people eat healthy foods and exercise, shouldn’t I take my own advice?

In 2009 I started my journey. Each year I take pictures of myself and I reach a certain point and start to sabotage the progress. Letting people know this is bringing you into my world. Opening up and being vulnerable isn’t easy but it’s necessary for permanent change. Is being vulnerable being brave or afraid? It’s both at the same time. I don’t care what people think of me and at the same time, I listen to what they say. It’s a fine line that I teeter on all the time.

I’ve never worked so hard at something in my life. Between the 365 WOD Journey and the Battle WODs, there’s never been anything that comes close to the amount of time I’ve put into. However, my marriage and family is the exception to that. Otherwise, I’ve just been working on that.

It wasn’t until 2018 I decided to work out every day for one year. 365 days straight. Wouldn’t you know I failed the first attempt? I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. It’s totally possible for a person in their early thirties to have a heart attack. It was just a pulled muscle, so we thought. The doc said no exercise for a week to ten days.

I was about seventy days in. Was I being brave or afraid by listening to the ER Doctor? I say both. That was May 2018. Fast forward to October 2018 and the same pain came back, but way worse. There were other symptoms too, and it wasn’t a heart attack. It was appendicitis and I needed my appendix out ASAP. I didn’t get my WOD done before ending up in the ER. At that time I was around 170 days straight.

Long story short, I only missed about 14 hours of exercise. So even after surgery I STILL got my WOD done. Telling this story opens up pandora’s box of vulnerability for me because most people don’t need to know that kind of stuff. When talking about finding excuses not to exercise this is totally relevant. There aren’t many things you can tell me that I’ll accept as a legit excuse not to get at least one round of the next WOD done.

Being brave or afraid comes from letting those who really matter in on how you’re feeling. Both of these emotions happen at the same time. It’s having the courage to work through them to get to the other side. That’s why the 365 WOD Journey is here for you every day. To widdle away the old part of your life and create a new one. With one little piece being chipped off daily, before you know it you’re a completely different person altogether.

So with this WOD, I challenge you to take a picture or video of yourself doing it and post it to social media. Being brave or afraid to do is where the change happens. Better yet, being brave AND afraid is the best part. Fall in love with feeling both at the same time. If you don’t do it, I don’t think any less of you and if you do it, it would mean the world to me. Thank you so much for doing the work to be this far on your journey.

Have Fun!

You Got This KoberNation!

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Being Brave Or Afraid | Workout Of The Day (WOD) #297

1-6 Rounds | Reps: 20 For Each Movement
Warm-Up – 5 Minutes Cardio

  • Push-Ups
  • Leg Lifts
  • Inchworms
  • Side Plank Pumps

Cool Down – 5 Deep Breaths In Down Dog Pose

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