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7 Workout Myths















7 Workout Myths from

Here are some workout myths and facts:


7 Workout Myths #1: Crunches Flat abs


Truth: Studies show that crunches strengthen your abdominal region, but they don’t burn enough calories to get rid of the body fat. Try doing a HIIT workout or the Workout Of the Day that I create every day. I focus on those kinds of workouts because they are very efficient. They are combination exercises or multi-joint exercises.


7 Workout Myths #2: Running Damages Your Knees and Ankles.

Truth: This article goes over it with both yes and no. It just depends on your age and your current fitness level. The real issue isn’t the running. It weather or not you strength train or not. If you are doing proper strength training (i.e. 2-3 sessions per week minimum) then your body won’t break down as quickly from running. I personally don’t run often at all. I have had three surgeries on my knee and I don’t enjoy it. I would rather jump rope for an hour instead of run for an hour, but let’s face it who has time for that? LOL 🙂 Along with running incorporate training for strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, coordination, core and posture… I post a Workout Of The Day every day, so check those out, if you want… 😉


7 Workout Myths #3: Stretching Aids Recovery


Truth: As soon as you run or lift your body breaks itself down and the only thing that helps recovery is TIME. Stretching is a workout is its own kind of exercise. It simply feels good to stretch the damaged muscles. It does not speed up the recovery time. Keep your stretching exercises in your daily routine, but just know that it does not help you speed up recovery time.


7 Workout Myths #4: Sweating means more calories burned


Truth: Actually sweating does not mean more caloric burn, it has two major functions. One is that when you sweat you are detoxifying your body and the second is you are cooling your body’s temperature. You are burning calories with exercises even if you are not sweating. When a person exercises and takes quite a while to begin sweating it may because their body is efficient. Same for those who sweat quite a bit, it may be because their body is not very efficient. But, there are also people out there who just THINK about sweating and they do, which just means that there may be some other physiologic thing happening… We can talk about that in a later show. 🙂


7 Workout Myths #5: You can eat everything and anything you want if you exercise regularly.


Truth: You cannot, I will repeat that, you CANNOT out exercise/train a poor diet. Now maybe you can get away with it in your late teens early twenties, but after that, your metabolism just starts to slow down if you don’t move and eat mostly healthy foods.


7 Workout Myths #6: You Have to Sweat For At Least 45 Minutes To Find Any Benefits From Exercise.


Truth: When it comes down to it every minute counts, every hour on top of the hour I do some kind of movement. You can get one minute, you can get ten minutes a day, but it doesn’t have to be all at once. I recommend you do ten to fifteen minutes a day. Again, that is why I create the Workout Of the Day.


7 Workout Myths #7: The More Time At The Gym The Better Results


Truth: No. I am living proof of that. While I work at a gym I don’t work out all day. In fact I rarely workout. We are very busy now a days. We are running around and we have to just fit it in. Just DO something every day, even if it is five minutes a day. Just fit it in and get SOMETHING done!


So when it comes to health and wellness don’t come to a concrete conclusion right away. Meaning don’t think of ONE way as the RIGHT way and another way as the WRONG way. Talk to professionals (Know Their Credentials Too- I have a B.Sc. In Exercise Science) and use what resources you have available to you.

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7 Workout Myths

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